Picture of Salty's Beach House's Maui Mai Thai
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Salty’s Beach House – Penticton, BC

Outside of Salty's Beach House - Penticton, BC

After a day of wine tasting, we headed to Penticton for dinner at Salty’s Beach House.  Salty’s Beach House is located directly across from Lake Okanagan in Downtown Penticton and if you get a patio seat you have great views of the lake and beach.  As the weather forecasted rain that day, we had reserved a table inside.

Inside of Salty's Beach House - Penticton, BC

Salty’s has implemented COVID protocols.  The table next to us was taken away.  Most of the staff members are wearing facemasks most of the time.  I noticed that the floor manager wasn’t wearing hers until she needed to talk to some customers.

The kitchen staff also…really werent…I mean, they had them on, but most of them were pulled under their chin and was not covering their mouth and nose.  I sort of gave them some slack though…since I figured it must be hot in the kitchen and hard to breathe.  Still, I’m a bit conflicted with that thought.

Picture of Salty's Beach House's Maui Mai ThaiAngryRussian and I started with their Saturday night drink special – Maui Mai Thai (yes, that’s how they spell it), which was $7.50.

I see what they did here…they recreated Maui’s MonkeyPod’s Mai Tai, which had been voted Maui’s best Mai Tai!

It was a good effort.  They copied the thin pineapple slice and also the foam on top, which tasted faintly of pineapple but was too light and weak in structure compared to MonkeyPods, which is made with egg white (not the case here) and tastes like passionfruit.

Taste-wise…a tad sweet.  However for the price and effort really no complaints here.

Picture of Salty's Beach House's Calamari

For food, AngryRussian and I ordered an appy and an entree to share, as we were both not super hungry.

The Calamari ($15.25) was a great choice.  There was fried jalapeno slices and red pepper sticks too which was quite different.  I also loved that they included both the tube parts and the tentacles!  Not many places do that!  Flavor was great- seasoned perfectly and portion was quite large!

Picture of Salty's Beach House's Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Our entrée was the Jerk Chicken Sandwich ($17.25).  This was AngryRussian’s choice and I just went along with it LOL!

I found the chicken to be quite thin but it was seasoned quite well.  In fact there was quite a kick to it!  This came with skinny fries which always seems to elevate things!

Aside from the whole mask thing, my experience at Salty’s food and service wise was pretty good!  I loved the calamari and the Mai Thai was good for what it is!

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Salty’s Beach House – Penticton, BC
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