A&W Mozza Burger

On a crazy windy, rainy night, Wendy and I decided to take our bi-monthly trip to Walmart.  After being starved for hours, I had a craving for a juicy burger.  So we went back to A&W.

A&W: Mozza Burger

Wendy started off with a fat, juicy Mozza Burger.  We chose not to get the sirloin despite massive temptation because we wanted to blog about something else! (Yes, the sacrifice we make for our readers!)

A&W Onion rings and root beer float

A great A&W meal cannot be come full circle without an order of their crazily-seasoned onion rings and root beer float.  Notice that the mug was so cold that the ‘overflow’ is actually frozen onto the cup..

A&W Onion ring

Up close and personal with this onion ring.

A&W Uncle burger puzzle

The Uncle Burger (aka Sirloin Burger) has a very peculiar and smile-inducing marketing campaign right under our noses.  Warning:  The following few pictures will probably induce a smile on your face.

A&W Uncle burger puzzle


A&W Uncle burger puzzle


A&W Uncle burger puzzle


A&W Uncle burger puzzle


So yeah, it’s a pretty interesting mix of puzzles right underneath our food that just scream SIRLOIN at you.  I found it quite amusing (so did Wendy btw).

A&W Mozza Burger

All in all, a satisfying meal at A&W once again.  Wendy did find the cheese on her Mozza Burger looking a bit too plastic though.  I do want to return for the Uncle Burger one more time.  This made my day and hopefully for our readers as well!

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend going there. The food taste good, but I was sick after having having a teen burger. Caution!!

    1. You being sick does not mean it was from the food at A&W,it may of been from something you ate or drank before or after your visit to A&W.

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