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Burger King Burger Shots

Yep…this would be my 3rd fast food post in 2 weeks…all from Burger King…

Burger King Burger Shots

SO…I tried the uber cute Burger Shots this time.  It was a late-night thing…I was hungry.  It’s $1.99 for 2.

Burger King Burger Shots size

Fits in the palm of my hand!  Isn’t it cute?

Burger King Burger Shots

They’re pretty simple.  Just regular hamburgers, just mini-sized.  There’s a patty, a slice of pickle, ketchup, mustard.

The bun is nice, soft and fresh.  There’s too much bun and too little meat though…wish either the patty was a bit thicker or the bun thinner…

Burger King Burger Shots

I guess they make the patties so that it always comes in two.

For a girl, this should be enough to stave off the evening hunger.  For guys?  Probably get the daily King Deal.

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Burger King Burger Shots
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