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Original Joe’s Cambie

Today was Cambie street’s All-Access party…I think it’s to celebrate the reopening of Cambie Street.  However, it doesn’t seem like it actually IS reopened…since construction was going on.

Original Joe's Cambie

A bunch of coworkers and I went to join the party after work.  Honestly, it wasn’t much of a party.  However, we went to Original Joe’s for dinner.  GRock, who hails from Edmonton, told us that it is quite a popular restaurant back in Alberta.  I’ve personally never been here so I was eager to try it.

Original Joe's

Original Joe’s is a very bar/pub type restaurant.  Unpretentious and loud.  It’s very casual and most people here are just in a t-shirt and jeans.

Original Joe's Sangria

They have a daily specials board at the top of the bar.  Saturday’s special feature $3 pints of selected beer and $4.75 housemade Sangria, which is what L and I ordered.  It was very red-winey…more so than I’m used to.  I wished it was a bit more fruity.

Original Joe's Double Dog

All their Burger/Sandwich entrees come with your choice of 2 sides.  One of the things GRock really wanted us to try was the Dill Dip that comes with the fries.

The other item GRock recommended was Original Joe’s Double Dog.  It’s a hot dog with 2 European wieners inside.

Original Joe's Double Dog

It is quite a large hotdog.

Original Joe's Double Dog

You can see it more clearly here: 2 wieners cut length-wise.

Original Joe's Beef Dip with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potatoe Fries

I was enticed by the Beef Dip.  I chose to get the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato Fries (add $1.99) with mine.  The Dill Dip was indeed very dill-y.  It wasn’t bad.  The Mashed Potatoes…I’ve had better.  Keg has better ones.

The sandwich itself was great.  The beef was moist and I described it as tasting like cow tongue…which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

Sweet Potato Fries were really good.  They were really long pieces (unlike that other night at Fish House…) and was just the right amount of crispy.  A bit salty though.

Original Joe's Chicken Burger with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Honey Slaw

The other L of our group picked the Chicken Burger.  Her sides were the same Mashed Potatoes and Honey Slaw.  She said the slaw was really good.

Original Joe's Veggie Burger

V’s for Vegetarian, and she was indeed the vegetarian of our group.  She picked the Veggie Burger but without the actual patty.  We find it humorous how the servers always seem to get confused when she orders that.  It really isn’t that hard to understand is it? She even renamed it as “Phantom Burger” when she brought it over.

Overall dinner was good.  Lots of good conversation and good food.  Thanks GRock for the recommendation~

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  1. I love your description of the beef… like cow tongue. Only people who eat cow tongue would get that. And I love cow (ox) tongue! It’s just funny how people give me funny looks for liking it that much… LOL…

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