A&W Uncle Burger

A&W Uncle Burger

After seeing the commercial for this new Uncle Burger at A&W, I knew I had to try it.  It is basically their version of a sirloin burger, probably similar to Mickey D’s Angus Burger (which I didn’t like at all…bring back the Big Xtra!!!!).  It supposedly has 3 ozs of sirloin meat in the patty.

A&W Uncle Burger and Root Beer Float

Trying to be as healthy as possible, for a fast food meal, we opted for just 2 burgers plus one heavenly root beer float between the two of us.  Actually, we wanted their signature onion rings too.  BUT THEY WERE SOLD OUT!!!!  Can you believe it??

If you eat-in, they serve you your drinks in real glass mugs.  CHILLED glass mugs, doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a float or just a pop.

They serve their burgers wrapped in foil because according to them, when they use to take the orders out to the customers, they found that this packaging kept their food hotter and fresher longer, so that’s how they’ve kept serving them.

A&W Mozza Burger

This was indeed a bigger burger and patty than their regular burgers.  I compared, since the Boyfriend ordered an extra Mozza Burger afterwards (so much for trying to be healthy!).  However, when comparing the actual patty size to the advertised size, on the poster (the first picture), the patty is 3x the size of a slice of tomato.  In ours, it was only 2x the size.

Taste-wise, it was very good.  I tend to like to leave a little bit of just the meat to eat last separate from the rest of the burger.  It had a very intense burger meat flavor.  Having said that, I’m not sure if I would be able to taste the difference between sirloin meat or regular burger meat.  This was still just ground up meat formed into a patty afterall.

Overall, not a bad fast food burger.  I would very likely have this again.

Edit: So much for trying to be healthy!  Just got this off their website:

Nutrient Contents :

Serving Size (g) : 258 Calories : 560 Sugar (g) : 8
Protein (g) : 29 Carbohydrates(g) : 39 Fibre (g) : 3
Total Fat (g) : 33 Saturated Fat (g) : 11 Trans Fat (g) 1
Cholesterol (mg) : 70
% Daily Value:
Calcium (%) : 10 Sodium (mg) : 1300 Iron (%) : 20
Vitamin A % : 4 Vitamin C % : 8

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A&W Uncle Burger
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  1. Great burger the Uncle burger. But most of A&W burgers are pretty good.

    And the union rings are great to just a shame that you lucked out on them.

  2. I ate your uncle burgere today; just delicious.
    I had the combo which consisted of a french fry and a large coke and would like to know how many calories I had all together.
    Thank You.

  3. As a kid going to A & W was an event and the food certainly looked bigger.I miss when you parked your car,wound down your window and soon the waitress on roller skates came over for your order.Shortly afterward she would return with the clip- on window tray full of food and what seemed to be giant glasses of A & W Root Beer.

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