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I asked the Boyfriend to get me some of these  on his layover at Narita Airport in Japan.  I had these about 7 years ago when I went to Japan.  I’ve always liked rice cake consistency Japanese sweets so I’ve longed for these ever since that time.  Obviously, I haven’t been to Japan for a while.


As always, packaging is always important with any type of souvenirs you get from Japan, which is a good thing as you don’t have to package them again if you’re giving them as gifts.

This is probably one of the more minimalistic ones.  Nevertheless, it is still cute and had me contemplating about opening it or not.


But of course, I had to open it!  Or else how am I going to get into the chewy goodness that’s inside?  Upon unwrapping, I was met with another cute flowery design printed on the box.


I was half expecting another pretty packaging inside the box.  Thankfully, all that’s left is the cellophane (those Japanese aren’t very environmental friendly are they?).  This particular box houses the flavors purple taro and chestnut.  These are seasonal flavors.  I also had two other boxes which were cinnamon and green tea, and green tea and ANOTHER type of green tea.  To tell you the truth, aside from the colors, I couldn’t taste the difference.


Which was also the case here.  I couldn’t really taste purple taro.  Basically, the filling for all these seems to be beanpaste-based, such as red-bean paste.

However the main part for me was the corners.  I like chewy things and these were no exception.  They were mochi like and so right to my liking.  I could never have more than 1 in one sitting though since they were quite sweet, as most Japanese sweets are.  They would be perfect with a nice, rich, bitter cup of fresh green tea made from green tea powder.

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  1. Wendy,
    If you like chewy sweets, I think you’ll like the green tea mochi from VanCheong Tea in Aberdeen. You can get 3 bags for $10, otherwise they’re $5 each.

    Seriously, they are so yummy I have become addicted to them. I have tried other green tea mochi from another tea competitor, but it was more expensive and the green tea flavour was not as good.

    1. Ooooh thanks so much for the suggestion!!! I will definitely go get me some of that chewy goodness! That’s an awesome suggestion! Thanks for the comments!!!!

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