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Eating aboard JAL

Hmm I do wonder how many people actually are interested in airplane food.  Well I’m sure there’s some of you out there…

I’ve always had the impression that JAL has pretty good airplane food.  And I was half right.  I thoroughly enjoyed the meal during the flight to Japan.  It could be due to the fact I was majorly hungry.  Nonetheless I had a very very good impression of it.

JAL: Sand-borer tempura with rice

Although as you can see it’s still light out, for us on the flight biologically it was dinner time.  We had a choice between the Sand-borer tempura with rice or some chicken thing.  I picked the tempura.

It also came with a potato salad (I think the Japanese really really like potato salad…it’s basically everywhere) and zaru-soba.  They also serve hot green tea if you want.

JAL: Yuzu drink and English Bay Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

But what I had really really been waiting for, for probably 9 years (I’m so not kidding you), was that drink you see in the back.  It’s a JAL exclusive called “Sky Time”

It is basically a yuzu (citron) flavored, non-carbonated drink.  Very very Japanese.  We got a bottle of white wine to go with it to make it into a “Sky Royal”, which is really what they call it.  By the way, this was the beginning of my total-yuzu-ing-it-out Japanese experience.

They were also awesome to include an English Bay cookie.

Japan Airlines Coffee

I must say, they also serve really really good coffee.  Nice, bold aroma, not watered down at all.  This was the theme everytime I had coffee in Japan actually, even in fast food restaurants.  North America PLEASE take note.

Japan Airlines: half of a turkey sandwich

Breakfast though wasn’t that fascinating.  It was a half of a turkey sandwich.  Again you see me getting Sky Time.  As of now my opinion was, they definitely do dinner better.

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  1. Wow. You enjoyed coffee in Japan? I lived there for two years and found the coffee burnt and stale almost 100% of the time at every level of establishment. I’ve also trained as a barista and traveled through France and Italy. For all that, I’ve found west coast coffee (artisan and local roasters, mind you…not diner or fast food) to be consistently the best and most skillfully prepared coffee I’ve had. I guess I’ll need to hit Africa and South America to make a definitive statement about “best in the world”, though 😉

  2. Wow, I have not taken JAL ever since my mom switched over to China Airlines. I loved the zaru-soba with the meals though, and especially the night time layovers in Narita before flying to Taipei the next morning!

    Also, they have such great service…I remember as a kid sneaking into the first class area and excitedly taking toothbrushes and slippers back to my mom LOL. The stewardesses just let me walk around, I even got to go up to the cabin once. 🙂

  3. After flying JAL, it’s really hard flying on any other airline. I believe when I had my flight, the Tempura wasn’t an option but it actually looks quite nice from your pictures.

    I really regret not getting the Sky Time Yuzu drink. From what everyone has told me, it’s addictive! I opted instead for a Asahi on the flight to Japan instead and was left feeling pretty bad near the end. A lesson learned; never drink on a long flight.

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