Random Eatings – Kyoto, Japan

Here’s just some more pictures from the rest of the food I ate in Kyoto.  This will be quite the wordless post.  Sorry~

Food department at Daimaru: Milk Pudding

This is from the food department at Daimaru 大丸 department store.  Fujiya 不二家 here in Canada is mostly known for their milky caramel candy.  There they have complete restaurants (which I’ll get to later) and also sells other confectioneries, cakes, etc.  This is the milk pudding.  It comes with that adorable mug.

This was more like a cooked flan though, not as Japanese-pudding-y as I would’ve liked.

Food department at Daimaru: Sweet Potatoe Pie

Food department at Daimaru: Sweet Potato Pie

Their famous Sweet Potato Pie.  It would’ve been much better if we could’ve heated it up somehow, it was kinda dry.

Morodoff: Cherry Pudding Sakura

Morodoff: Cherry Pudding Sakura

“Sakura” flavor is a seasonal flavor for Springtime in Japan.  It was everywhere, even at Starbucks.

I of course got obsessed with that and anytime I saw anything “Limited Edition Sakura!” I got it.

The above is the Sakura Pudding from Morozoff, also available at the food department at any department store.

Sakura really just means Cherry flavor, if you were curious.

Japanese mochi snack

All our purchases from one round of walking through the food department.

Japanese strawberries

I do have to say though.  If you ever visit Japan, you HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to get some strawberries.  The moment I got off the plane and walked through the airport, I could smell the lovely aroma of strawberries from one of the convenience stalls inside the airport, and I was nowhere near it.  It’s THAT STRONG.

I have NEVER smelt such fragrant strawberries before in my life.  I think it really turned me off of the strawberries here back home now.  They have no aroma.

And these Japanese strawberries were SO sweet.  I can’t taste that anymore with the local stuff.  It’s so sad.  So even if it seems expensive when you’re over there, GET THEM.  You WON’T regret it.

My mom was telling me how when I was a baby and we went to Japan, I OD’d on strawberries and threw up everywhere.  LOL.

Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Lastly just some touristy stuff.  This is the famous Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺 of Kyoto.  Just a temple plated in gold.

Soy milk mini donuts in Japan

But these were the lovely fresh made soy milk mini donuts we got on the way up.  So light and fluffy!

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