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Fannypack and I celebrated my birthday a little late this year as we were both busy but we made it work.  Grub on Main was my final choice as it was out of downtown and their menu sounded yummy, although what you see on their website doesn’t necessarily reflect what they’re offering at the moment.

Grub also has a special deal where for $13 more you can make any entree into a 3 course meal, which is exactly what we did.

Grub on Main - Mushroom Toast
Mushroom Toast – braised mushroom in a gruyere rosemary cream, organic greens in a fig balsamic emulsion, grana padano

So for appetizer, Fannypack chose the Mushroom Toast ($16).  It had both button and beech (shimeji) mushrooms on two pieces of toast, and lots of greens.

Grub on Main - Pate
Pate – house made duck liver pate with chutney, hummus, house pickles, marinated olives, crostini

My choice was the Pate ($15) because I loooove liver pate.  Grub’s version is made in house with duck liver and it is rich like a liver pate should be.  However I’m missing that duck essence.  The dish was still tasty though.

Oddly, in the middle of having our appetizers, the entrees came out.  Fannypack and I really weren’t eating any slower than any other time we’re together, and with the tables being small already, we were stuck with having 4 big plates crammed onto our small table.

We had to rush finish our appetizers so that our mains didn’t get cold, and I ended up packing the rest of my appetizer to go.  This was very odd to us.

Grub on Main - Beef
Beef – flat iron steak, Yukon gold potato pave, brussel sprouts, red wine and peppercorn cream

I had difficulty choosing an entree but I finally decided on the Beef ($27) and I’m glad I did.  The red wine and peppercorn cream sauce was delicious and the steak was very tender and flavorful.

Grub on Main - Duck
Duck – cinnamon dusted Brome lake duck breast, spice candied squash, sweet potato and purple yam, green beans, red wine sour cherry reduction

Fannypack had the Duck ($26) and we were both impressed by the large portion of duck.  The cherry reduction was the perfect alternative to orange sauce and the duck breast was moist also.  We both enjoyed this as well.

Grub on Main - Flourless Chocolate Cake
Flourless Chocolate Cake – orange scented white chocolate sauce, crumbled pistachio, crème fraiche

As for dessert, Fannypack’s Flourless Chocolate Cake ($9) was rich and decadent as expected.  The orange-scented white chocolate sauce was a great touch to an otherwise simple dessert.

Grub on Main - Creme Brulee

As for me I got the Crème Brulée ($9) with fresh seasonal fruit, and tonight it was strawberries and blackberries.

This was a nice small portion and the crackle top was crackly as it should be.  The creme part was a little soft…I would’ve liked it to be more ‘pudding’ like but it was good and vanilla-y.

I really enjoyed my dinner at Grub despite the odd timing situation, and I really hope to come back and have the duck again soon!

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