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The Entertainment Book is now $15USD with free shipping! We always buy it around this time of year, as the book’s really cheap now (since it expires in November), and with just one meal you can get your money’s worth back. I’ve seen it become just $8 even later in the year.

So we went to Zefferelli’s with the Entertainment Card in tote. The deal here is BOGO free up to $19 for any dinner or lunch entree.  Mind you the dishes here aren’t really that expensive either.  I believe the most pricey one is around $22?

This place has a special place in our hearts as it’s where we had dinner on our first date ♥!!

Zefferelli's Mushroom Agnollotti

We almost always order the same thing when we come here.  Boyfriend had the Mushroom Agnollotti.  It had always been very good, very fragrant of mushrooms and the pasta part isn’t too doughy.  Even though it doesn’t look like you get a lot, you will most definitely be full, as the sage butter and parmesan sauce is very, very “filling”.  This was $15.95.

Zefferelli's Penne al Salmone

Now those who know me know that I’m not particularly fond of pasta and cooked salmon.  However, I really enjoy their Penne al Salmone.  The sauce is very very tasty, the penne is al dente, and perhaps because the salmon is in small cubes, they’re not particularly dry as salmon tends to be when cooked.  Very creamy and lovely.  This is also $15.95.

So dinner was less than $20.  Great isn’t it?

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  1. Awww… How sweet… My wife and I had our first date at Salmon House. I guess I need to go back there to reminisce! Yes, I have done that in years past, get the Entertainment Book late in the year. It’s so worth it! I’ve never been to Zefferelli’s despite the fact they are in the book every year. Looks pretty good. I’m gonna try. Thanks!

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