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The William Tell

Update: This restaurant is now closed.

Pretty Sis took Mom and I to dinner out one night.  She found a restaurant that is Swiss-French and a bit of West Coast.  What a combination huh?

The William Tell is located in the heart of downtown.  You all should know by now how much I absolutely LOATHE driving to downtown.  So I was especially glad Pretty Sis drove that night.

So we all started with appetizers.  I ordered the Lobster Bisque which wasn’t too interesting, so I didn’t take a picture of it.  It was ok, not particularly “lobster-y” ($9).

The William Tell: Veal Sweetbreads and Wild Mushrooms

Mom had the Veal Sweetbreads and Wild Mushrooms.  Do you guys know what Sweetbread is?  We didn’t know at the time, so Mom thought it was pretty good.  Wished there were more mushrooms though.

The William Tell: Sauteed Sea Scallops and Prawns

For my entree I ordered something off the regular menu.  It was Sauteed Sea Scallops and Prawns.  The scallops were an okay size.  They were pretty sweet.  The prawns are fresh and fleshy.  The sauce was like my lobster bisque haha.

The William Tell: Grilled Australian Rack of Lamb

Mom and PS both had the Grilled Australian Rack of Lamb ($38.50).  They were cooked just right and wasn’t overly lamb-y.  We appreciated the asparagus as a side.

For dessert we ordered two items to share.

The William Tell: Creme Brulee Trio

First up was the Creme Brulee Trio.  They came in really cute, small dishes.  The dishes were pretty shallow though.  The flavors were Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Berries.  I liked the Vanilla the most.  I found with the Chocolate one the sugar top was too burnt, I could taste it.  Red Berries could’ve been more flavorful also.

The William Tell: Meringue Glacée au Chocolat

The other dessert was the Meringue Glacée au Chocolat, which was basically a huge block of meringue topped with strawberries and chocolate sauce.  It was hard to eat as we had to break it up and the pieces and dust got everywhere.  But the meringue was just right, not too sweet, not too gritty due to well incorporation of the sugar.  This was better than the creme brulee’s.

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The William Tell

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