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Dine-out Vancouver 2009: The American Grille

Boyfriend and I were able to attend another Dine-out just prior to my cruise.  This time I chose a $28 menu, at a restaurant close to where we live so that we didn’t have to travel far.

We had been to The American Grille once before because of a recommendation from a friend to try their Rib-eye steak.  It was a good experience that time so we had good expectations going into this.

We picked one of each option to share between us.

The American Grille: Bread basket

The bread basket served consisted of the usual sliced bread and a crispy flat-bread cracker-type thing.  It was sprinkled with poppy seeds and was very aromatic biting into it.  Boyfriend enjoyed this a lot.

The American Grille: Mussel Veloute

I chose the Mussel Veloute, not knowing what exactly a “veloute” was.  I guess it’s cream soup, ‘cuz that’s what this was.  Cream soup.  There was ONE mussel in it.  In the middle of the bowl.  I was pretty disappointed with it.  It wasn’t that it tasted bad though, just wasn’t what I was expecting.  I guess that’s my own fault though.

Boyfriend’s appetizer was the Spinach salad.  Nothing to write home about.

The American Grille: Smoked Halibut

This is the Smoked Halibut.  It was good, not great.  I expected more of the smoked taste to it but there just wasn’t enough.  I’ve had better smoked fish elsewhere.  The best part was the bing cherry merlot reduction.  That was good by itself, but altogether, I just thought the reduction didn’t match the flavor of the fish.

The American Grille: Lamb Chop Medallions

These were the Lamb Chop Medallions and boy were they good.  They were succulent, a perfect medium-rare.  Everything went well with each other.  I enjoyed this, so did Boyfriend.

The American Grille: Mille Feuille

The Mille Feuille was bleh~ The kiwis were too sour, as were the strawberries.  Boyfriend almost choked from inhaling the powdered sugar.  After he recovered, he said it was like eating air.  Nothing substantial.

The American Grille: Banana Creme Brulee

I had originally chose the “Chocolate Three Ways” dessert.  However they sold out of it so they gave me the option of picking something from their dessert menu, and Boyfriend and I were more than happy to oblige.

So we picked the Banana Creme Brulee because it sounded interesting.  and it was SO GOOD.  It was creamy and banana-y.  Absolutely wonderful.

So am I gonna go back?  You bet I am!  For the regular menu though most likely.

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