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The American Grille

Taking my parents out for dinner one night, we wanted good steakhouse food without travelling all the way to Downtown.  I remembered having been to The American Grille before and had a good meal there, so I decided to take my parents there.

They are also in the Entertainment Book so there was all the more incentive to go!  Besides that, they are currently doing a “2 Courses for $28” promotion right now which we also took advantage of.

The American Grille: bread basket

The restaurant has a very understated decor.  Nothing fancy.  They’re also not particularly busy but there seems to be a steady stream of people coming in.  I love the bread here.  Soft, fluffy and warm.  They give you a type of poppyseed cracker thing, also white and multigrain baguette.

The American Grille: Steamed Mussels

The American Grille: 10oz Rib-eye Steak

For Mom, we took advantage of the promotion and ordered the combination of their Steamed Mussels (originally $10.50) and their fabulous 10oz Rib-eye Steak ($28).  Because of the mussels, it was $3 extra which was fine.

Now the mussels weren’t the best I’ve had.  They were pretty tiny and the broth (white wine reduction, garlic, diced tomato, warm filone bread) could be better, but it wasn’t bad.  It is still a pretty big bowl of mussels, very fresh and sweet.

The steak was done to a perfect medium-rare.  It was served with field mushrooms, Brew city onion rings, with rosemary jus.  It was a nice cut and hit the right spot that night.  Those onion rings were massive and Dad was very impressed.

The American Grille: Oven-Roasted Rack of Lamb

Now for Dad, he had the Oven-Roasted Rack of Lamb ($27) and for that price I thought it was a pretty big portion.  Most places would cost $35+ and you get probably half the amount of racks.  The seasoning was to die for, the meat for so moist, tender, lamb-y and just so soft and melt-in-your-mouth.  I loved it.  The potato gnocchi were awesome too, as they were chewy and had soaked up the lamb jus.  I packed the gnocchi for lunch the next day and I was so happy as I was eating them

The American Grille: Striploin Steak Sandwich

As for me, I had the Striploin Steak Sandwich ($15) which was also very very good.  The steak was done to medium-rare too and I loved the assorted roast mushrooms.  The crispy onions though I didn’t really care for.  I was also able to pick yam fries as my side without additional charge.

This was also packed for another day’s lunch since I was busy eating my parent’s food.  It was still very good after a day in the fridge.

Overall I was and still am very impressed with the food quality of The American Grille.  They have fine-dining quality food without the fine-dining/Downtown prices.  Without question I would come back again.

The promotion ends at the end of September so go quickly!!

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