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Cookies of Course

Update: This business is now a delivery-only service with no storefront.

Cookies of Course

I’ve recently joined a bunch of those “Daily Deal” sites and I must say, I was skeptic at first but it’s been treating me pretty well.  They are usually very good deals and the coupon for Cookies of Course was one of my first purchases from Groupon.  The coupon allowed for 2 dozen cookies for $9.  J and I took a trip down to finally get our fix.

It was kinda hard to find though.  If it helps, this store is actually located inside the Harbour Centre.

Cookies of Course

It seems like this deal had brought them a ton of  business, as they asked if we’ve called ahead.  We didn’t, but we definitely will next time.  The owner(?) was very considerate.  Even though the coupon specifically said that we had to redeem all 2 dozen at once, he allowed us to get 1 dozen first and get the 2nd later.

The flavors I got was Chocolate Decadence, Chocolate Chip & Chunks, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch Pecan, Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate, and Maple Walnut.

Cookies of Course: Butterscotch Pecan
Butterscotch Pecan

They. Were. So. Good.  Soft, gooey, chewy, rich, and yummy.  I really liked all the flavors.  The cookies are so full of ingredients, for example, the Butterscotch Pecan was full of pecan pieces and the butterscotch flavor was very prominent.  Oatmeal Raisin was so chewy and I convinced myself it was healthy~ 😉

Cookies of Course: Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate Decadence

One final “test” convinced me these were awesome cookies.  Now I’m not a chocolate person.  I never pick chocolate ice cream over vanilla, never get chocolate milkshake over vanilla milkshake, chocolate just isn’t my thing.

Now this Chocolate Decadence cookie is described as “3 chocolates in a chocolate batter” and I believe those 3 chocolates are white, milk and dark chocolate.  It was very very chocolatey, like you can actually taste cocoa.  It was AWESOME.  BEYOND AWESOME.  I really really liked this cookie.  It’s probably my favorite of the bunch.

And the cookies keep pretty well too!  Mind you I could’ve easily finished the whole box in one day but it’s pretty obvious why I didn’t (my waistline would’ve regretted it).  But after two days it just took a few seconds of nuking in the microwave to get them all gooey and warm and soft again.  That was especially awesome for the chocolate cookies as the chocolate chips simply melted lava-cake style.

If this deal comes up again I will definitely get it again.  They are simply, awesome.

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Cookies of Course
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