Guu with Garlic

Oh Guu~~ I always have such a good time at your place!  What’s your secret? For this particular visit, I’m sure the culprit must be the pitcher of Aloe Vera Mojito ($16.5) shared among two girls.  Yep.  That must be it. This was refreshing.  I liked chewing on the mint leaves but there really aren’t […]

Tsuki no Shizuku 月の雫 – Shin-Osaka

I absolutely LOVED, LOVED LOOOOOOOOOVED our first dinner/meal in Japan.  As we arrived quite late in the day in Osaka, we decided to spend the night at a hotel near the airport in the city of Shin-Osaka.  After we checked in, we walked around in search for food.  We were hungry!! Just across the intersection […]

Guu Aberdeen

Dinner at Guu!  Woohoo!  However, it’s only the one at Aberdeen, and I think that one has a reputation for not being up to par with the Downtown ones.  However, this was back at the time before the Canada Line was finished, we didn’t want to go drive all the way there, we settled for […]

ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro

For Fannypack’s birthday dinner, I chose for us to head to Downtown via the Canada Line.  It’s convenient and since Fannypack and O haven’t been on it before, I thought it’ll be fun. My restaurant choice that night was ShuRaku Japanese Bistro. Just get off at Vancouver City Centre Station and walk 1.5 blocks and […]

Toratatsu Again

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The bunch of us congregated in Downtown again to attend M’s convocation at the new Vancouver Convention Centre.  Afterwards, we had to decide where to go for dinner and I suggested Toratatsu since we all like Izakayas. As usual we’re all supposed to pick something.  We ordered a bunch […]

Soul Robata & Izakaya 魂

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Fannypack and I met up with the gang on Sunday for dinner to catch up.  W chose the place and she chose Soul Robata & Izakaya on Alexandra Road.  As it was a Sunday I was weary of parking there, so I got Boyfriend to drop me off.  That […]

Nobusan Japanese Tapas-Bar

Update Sep 21, 2009: This restaurant has since shut down. Nobusan is a recently opened restaurant located on what Wendy and I call “Road of Hell”, aka. Richmond’s No.3 Rd.  The Canada Line construction has made driving almost intolerable.  If you are to get to this restaurant, you must be heading south to get into […]

+Alpha Izakaya Tapas Bar

Pretty Sis introduced me to +Alpha (UPDATE: now called Alpha Sushi Bar), another izakaya restaurant located in downtown Vancouver. I first thought that it’s probably a lesser known Japanese tapas restaurant due to the “monopoly” by Guu.  However, Pretty Sis says that this place gets busier the later it gets, so I guess this gem […]

Toratatsu Tapas Bistro 虎龍

Update: This restaurant has closed. Boyfriend and I had originally planned on going to Motomachi for ramen Wednesday night.  However, once we got there, we found out that it was closed on said day.  We were a bit disappointed, but at the same time I was excited because it finally gave us a chance to […]