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Blueberry U-Pick @ Birak Farm

I love blueberries.  They go well with many things, especially desserts and drinks.  They also one of the world’s heathiest food item.  They are a great source of vitamins, fibre, anitoxidants, low-calories, low-fat, and so on, so on…  A good friend of mine owns a blueberry farm (well, his parents does) and when prompted, he will very generously give me a good bag of blueberries.  He is definitley one of the coolest guys on this world!  So Wendy decided that we should brave the summer sun and go blueberry picking.  I myself don’t really like being in the sun so much as I enjoy the urban lifestyle in an air-conditioned room, plus, too much sun makes your skin look older faster!

Birak U-Pick Blueberry Farm
Don’t mind the arrow. It’s pointing the wrong way.

We actually overran the place so we have to make a fast U-turn on No. 6 Rd in Richmond (south of Blundell Rd.)

Blueberry U-Pick at Birak Farm

We were greeted in a tent by a East-Indian that spoke little English but was extremely friendly!  We barely communicated our thoughts to each other but we managed.  She was also very nice to point out where the good stuff were.

Blueberry U-Pick at Birak Farm

This was the sign facing the other way (heading north).

Blueberry U-Pick at Birak Farm

There were SO MANY blueberries bushes that if we had the whole day, we still would not have finished picking it all!  Here’s a sample of a cluster of ready-to-pick blueberries.  I must be honest that Wendy and I half-feasted in the secluded bushes! lol

Blueberry U-Pick at Birak Farm

This was our end product after about 45 minutes.  The rate was $1.50/lb and we had actually 2.5 lbs of blueberry goodness!  I just plopped down $4 and the very pleasant East-Indian lady (should’ve got her name!) just topped up my bucket with probably 1+ lb of the good stuff they have just for “retail” sale to make it worth the $4 I just gave her (and probably more).  Wow, simply wow!   Wendy and I were in awe.  So good service, good fun on the cheap, a chance to escape my computer!  Highly recommended!

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  1. I, too have a friend who owns a blueberry farm. Hey! He doesn’t give me any! One problem I have with blueberry picking is that my head hits the #$)*#)*$#) branches all the time. Definitely not good for a person who is 6’1! But I agree, what a deal eh?

  2. I went to buy blueberries from Birak after reading your post. I got the already picked blueberries picked on the same day. Yummy fresh blueberries. I bought the 10 lb box for $20.00. The nice east indian lady was there. She gave me an additional 3 big 2-hand scoops of free berries. I think that was over a pound. I will definitely go back to this farm next blueberries season. For the meantime the 10 lb box plus the 5 lbs i bought from T&T should last me for the rest of the year.

  3. hi thanks for buying our berries we will be r-locating this year please do email me back in july i will let you know where thank you
    harry birak

  4. Hi could I know where you are r-located now? and when is for the blueberry u-pick this year? also the operation time on Friday? thank you!

  5. We had a terrible experience with Birak Berry Farm. When we got there we heard the owner tell other customers it was $1 per pound. We picked about 40 lbs of blue berries and when we went to check out, the owner said it was $2 per pound. I told him I called the farm last week and the lady said it is a dollar something per pound. There was another couple present and they said they called ahead and they were told it was 99 cents a pound. The owner denied that he told the other customers $1 per pound even when we heard him say so. We ended up having to pay $80 for what we picked. What a rip off! Such a dishonest business. We will never go back to this place. Krause Berry Farm in Langley only charges $1.75 per pound and they have such good and honest service. Shame on you Birak.

    1. Wow that really is no way to treat your customers!! I haven’t been back in years…I don’t think I’ll visit it anytime soon either after hearing this!

  6. This farm is never a place we would go back to either! We first asked the owner where the blueberries were and how much they costed. He told us the general gist and told us to pick the berries at the back. But as we headed towards the back we still couldn’t find any blueberries that were ripe enough so we decided to go to another farm instead. As we were going into our car the man came running at us. He demanded to know where we were going so we said we couldn’t find any ripe blueberries. He then started yelling at us saying how could we not find any. We told him that there definitely wasn’t any and we were leaving. He started yelling at us again and then pointed to the sky and said that god is watching us and we better not have eaten any on the field. Seriously? Is this really how people should treat their customers? He then proceeded to copy down our license plate numbers and told us that if we were never allowed to come back again. Don’t worry Birak, we won’t EVER be back again!

    1. Holy smokes are you serious??? Wow they really are going too far with this attitude to their potential customers!!! Eeeeee I am for sure staying away from now on!

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