Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub - Flight of beer
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Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub

Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub is a new restaurant that opened just a couple weeks ago by the JRG group in Stanley Park. It takes over the space that used to house one of my favourite restaurants- The Fish House, so it’s huge.  They have a large selection of Stanley Park Brewing craft beer and quite a big food menu also!

Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub

The housing is the same but the new coat of paint really gave the building a lodge feel.  However I think they need a bigger restaurant sign though, and better signage to the entrance. We had a 50% chance of going the right direction and we did not get it right! 

They have 2 big patios on opposite ends of the building and as it was a sunny day we sat outside.

Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub - Flight of beer

Flights are the usual $9 price as is common now.  However when it’s Happy Hour it’s only $5.75! We decided to share one.

The only two beers I wanted to try were both not available, so AngryRussian chose whatever he thought I would like for me. One’s a Blackberry, and the other was their SunSetter which is probably the peachiest beer I’ve ever had!  It was great!

Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub - Curry and Chips

We ordered two food items to share.  The Curry and Chips ($12) reminded AngryRussian of his UK travels so we ordered that. The version here is basically a poutine with curry sauce instead of gravy.

The fries were really good and crispy!  And actually held up to the curry sauce well without becoming overly soggy.  The curry sauce was quite coconutty in a good way.  It was not spicy at all.  There was a decent amount of cheese curds and actually a ton of sauce.  We enjoyed this very much.

Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub - Fried Chicken and Waffles

The Fried Chicken and Waffles ($15) were perfect as it was about brunch time when we ate.  The chicken pieces were nugget-sized and quite juicy.  Again there was a decent amount.

The waffle was a little hard and dry though, and for me they needed a lot of help from the bacon honey glaze.  In time the glaze hardened a little giving the waffle a bit of caramelization.

AngryRussian also really enjoyed the green onion chiffonade and commented how a bit of it always makes everything better.

It was a great casual visit to Stanley Park Brew Pub!  We would love to come back for their Happy Hour!

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Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub
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