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Sing Sing Beer Bar

We had drove by Sing Sing Beer Bar many times before and had always been intrigued by the neon “WE HAVE BEER” sign, so when PrettySis was in town it was an opportunity to go for a quick lunch before heading for wedding dress shopping.

Sing Sing Beer Bar

Sing Sing Beer Bar was right on Main Street, and when it’s sunny, like this day was, the whole street side of the restaurant was opened up (there was no wall).  It was nice and airy, and the (loud) street noise aside, it had a great, comfortable ambiance.

They also have quite a huge draft beer list (all the taps you see in the back are draft beer), so if you like beer and you like pho, this could be the place for you.

Sing Sing Beer Bar - Sunset Spritz

Tuesdays were “all day Happy Hour” which means certain beer and drinks were on special.  There’s no food specials during any Happy Hour.

I ordered the Sunset Spritz ($7) which is made with Campari, St. Germain, Fever Tree ginger beer, and Segura Viudas Cava.

It tasted very much like a Aperol Spritz, and looked like one too.  It had a good amount of citrus peel aromas and was very refreshing.

Sing Sing Beer Bar - Chicken Wings

We also got a few appies to share.  The Chicken Wings ($9) sounded better than they tasted.  The description was “garlic, sambal, lime, cilantro”.  I guess I forgot how much I disliked sambal as this was very sambal-forward.  I didn’t like the tart aspect.  

It was also pricey for 5 wings.

Sing Sing Beer Bar - Calamari

Our next choice was much better.  The Calamari ($8) was crisp and had a light batter, and I especially enjoyed the tentacles and the lemon zest on top in place of a squeeze of lemon.  Despite it being described as made with “salsa verde, roasted garlic, sambal”, I did not taste ANY sambal.  I also found the salsa verde to be cilantro-y which is always a win in my books.

Sing Sing Beer Bar - Pho Bo Sing Sing

Lastly we shared the Phở Bò Sing Sing  which was $12.  Also a little bit pricer than what I’m used to in terms of pho but it was a pretty big portion, and had lots of beef in it.

The soup was a bit milder and less intense than more traditional pho places.  The noodles were also a little different…they were thicker and a bit wider.

Sing Sing Beer Bar was a cool find on Main Street.  The food honestly wasn’t anything spectacular, but if you have a craving for beer AND pho at the same time, this could satisfy that craving.

Oh, PrettySis also had a weird conversation with one of the servers at the end which dampened our experience.  She asked “So who’s family recipe is this?  It’s really good!” and the server replied “Oh it’s the owners.  The pho isn’t really traditional.” to which PrettySis replied “No I thought it’s pretty authentic!”.  To which he replied “Well this isn’t a pho place.  It’s a beer place first.”

PrettySis got the impression that he wanted to make sure we don’t think they’re a cheap low class pho shop?  But we want it to be!  So his comments were actually a turn off and came off as snobby.  Anyways, just wanted to include that.

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Sing Sing Beer Bar
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