Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen
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Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen

PrettySis was in town to visit with the kiddos and she had been cycling around my parent’s part of town for cool places to eat.  One of these places was the Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen, and she quickly made a date with me and the rest of the family to have lunch there.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen
The Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen is located on Triumph Street deep within an industrial area.  It has a very airy open concept.  You order your food and beer at the counter, take a seat, and they bring the food from the food truck kitchen within the complex to you.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen - Tropicool Smoothie
I arrived before the rest of the fam so I ordered myself the Tropicool Smoothie (450ml $7.50).  It was tart and juicy and tasted…well…like juice!  It was perfect for the heat wave we had and went down really easy.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen
Here’s the rest of the orders: PrettySis had a extra lagerish Radler by mixing the Tricycle (a grapefruit radler) with the Craft Lager (450ml $5.50).  She ordered Momsies the Old Boy (a brown ale; 450ml $5.50) and Dadsies had a (homemade) Ginger Beer (450ml $3).

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen - Rosemary & Sage Chicken Wings
PrettySis really raved about the Rosemary & Sage rubbed Chicken Wings ($16) so of course had to order those.  I love the loose rub on all of the juicy, big chicken wing pieces.  Rosemary & Sage was the perfect pairing for chicken and it actually makes this common pub food very unique from all the offerings out there.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen - Pork Belly Tacos
We also got 2 Pork Belly Tacos ($6 each) to share.  The tacos each had 2 thick moist slices of pork belly topped with apple-ginger slaw, hoisin glaze, green onion, sesame, and peanuts.  Our parents funnily thought that the pork belly slices were eggplant!

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen - Daily Pretzel

I’m always a sucker for soft pretzels.  The Daily Pretzel ($5) was served warm, slathered with extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt, and served with grainy mustard.

The pretzel had a chewy exterior and warm and fluffy inside.  It tasted very fresh.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen - Waffle Fries

I also wanted Waffle Fries ($6).  It was seasoned with chili spice and served with a delicious cilantro mayo.  The fries were very light and crispy on the outside and tasted like Arby’s curly fries.  The inside was fluffy.  We enjoyed this a lot.  Waffle fries are always more fun than normal fries.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen - Daily Donut

I could leave without trying their Daily Donut creation ($3).  Today it was chocolate dipped vanilla dough with a blueberry reduction.

It was good but it’s no Lucky’s doughnut, it’s still however a very good doughnut.  It was a fluffy yeast doughnut.  The blueberry reduction wasn’t very detectable though.

Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen is a very cool place for good food and good beer.  I can’t wait to come back with AngryRussian.  He’ll love it!

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Parallel 49 Brewing Street Kitchen
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