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Anthony’s Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor

Welcome to the last part of our US Day Trip Trilogy.  After our short and sweet visits to Burger King and Auntie Anne’s, we wrapped up our trip with a visit to Anthony’s Restaurant.  It is located in Downtown Bellingham! (Yes, there’s such a thing!)  Honestly, I think that without a GPS, it would’ve been quite difficult to find.

Wendy told me that her aunt and uncle had always taken them to Anthony’s Homeport in Everett when she was small.  They have a “Sunset Dinner” set menu where between 4:30-6pm you can get a 4-course meal for $18.95.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it down there in time (you know ladies and their shopping…) so we couldn’t take advantage of that this time.

By the way, the shops at Downtown Bellingham were closed by the time we arrived.

Anthony's Restaurant

The parking lot was quite empty when we got there at about 7PM.  It was probably because it’s a Tuesday night and perhaps because America is going through the worse recession since the Great Depression.  We noticed that the outside area around the restaurant was very spacious and just comfortable to be in.  There was a light breeze and the dock was very close behind the restaurant.

Anthony's Restaurant

Wendy found the little markings of crabs littered around the sidewalk leading up to the restaurant to be very cute.

The waiting lobby area.

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor

This is the view from where we sat.  We had a very beautiful view of the dock.

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor view

one more

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor view

Nice, eh?  This was our backdrop while we ate and I have honestly never ate dinner with such a beautiful view of the sea beside me.

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor rhubarb drink menu

This menu caught our eye immediately.  Since Wendy and I love lemonade, we decided to order the Rhubarb and Northwest Strawberry Lemonade to try.

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor: Fresh Rhubarb and Northwest Strawberry Lemonade

Here’s what it looks like.  Now, you may be thinking, “Is it like a veggie drink?”  Answer is no.  It tastes very much like the Freckled Lemonade at Red Robin.  There’s not hint of any veggie taste at all.  It was truly refreshing after our long day of shopping!

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor: Clam Chowder

This was the complimentary Clam Chowder.  I upgraded mine for a couple of bucks more for a full size one (sorry, no pics, I was mighty famished!)  There was plenty of clam chucks in there and other ingredients.  It is something I will order again.

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor: Alaskan Lingcod Sour Cream Dill

On with the main course!  The Alaskan Lingcod Sour Cream Dill  was my choice for the night.  And boy, I was not disappointed.  On a side note, I am one to enjoy Pickle Dill chips, and the Sour Cream Dill sauce created flashbacks of those moments of me munching down those Pickle Dill chips while a watching late night movies.  The sourness was not strong and coupling that with the tenderness of the lingcod was just a superb experience!

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor: Fresh Alaskan Halibut Cheeks

Anthony's Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor: Fresh Alaskan Halibut Cheeks

Wendy’s choice was the Fresh Alaskan Halibut Cheeks.  I believe that to be the actual “face” cheeks of the fish.  Now I remember that Asians love to eat the cheeks of regular old steamed fish anyways, so this should be just right.

Halibuts are quite large fishes so their head and hence the cheeks must be massive.  Each piece you see there is probably one cheek so by comparison the head is quite large.  The sauce matched up nicely with the halibut and to Wendy’s pleasure, the fish texture was quite chewy.  She even decided take a closeup for all to see.  According to the menu, the halibut was “marinated in a ginger soy sauce then chargrilled and topped with beurre blanc and mango salsa.”  *drools…*

It was an excellent night for our dinner.  I have not had this much delight eating fish in ages.  The Fish House in Stanley Park kinda dropped the ball this year for us and Anthony’s definitely blasted the experience out of the ballpark on this one.  The food was just darn good, the price was not very steep and the service was perfect.  The server, Aryn, was exceptionally polite, helpful and deserved the tip we gave her.  I even talked to the manager to let him know how well she did and requested to pass on our compliments to the chefs.

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