Dim Sum at Golden Sea City 金城

Update: This restaurant has closed. Mom and I haven’t been to dim sum for quite a while since our schedules haven’t been matching up quite as nicely lately. So when a chance finally came we went to one of her favorite places: Golden Sea City. Golden Sea City and its predecessor were favorites of ours.   […]

Shanghai River 滬江

When it comes to Shanghai food, it can range from quite economical to quite expensive. Shanghai River is supposed to fall onto the latter.  But it didn’t seem to deter people from going there.  There was a small group waiting for seats as we got in.  Because Wendy and I are the rare ‘couple’ to […]

Red Star Seafood Restaurant 鴻星

I’ve had these pictures for quite a while…probably a month or more. For that amount of time, it’s a miracle that Red Star is still operating. Anyways, this is another dim sum post. As the visit was quite some time ago, I’ve since went again and so there will be pictures from both visits. Both […]

Vivacity 名都

Update: This restaurant has closed. SO like I said before, Vivacity Restaurant is my mom’s favorite dim sum place. This one Tuesday we were fortunate enough to be able to get a parking space in that hellhole parkade of theirs. Normally, it shouldn’t be that bad (but honestly, it’s still really bad) cuz there’s supposed to […]

Kirin 麒麟 @ New Westminster

It was another weekly dim sum brunch with Mum.  This day she wanted to go to Walmart so we decided to yum cha at Kirin Restaurant in New Westminster, at Starlight Casino. I really like the decor of the place.  It’s unlike other Chinese Seafood Restaurants in that it’s not all red with a dragon […]

The Jade Seafood Restaurant 玉庭軒

I’ve been very fortunate lately to have at least one weekday off per week to go have dim sum with my mom.  I love going to “yum cha”, and I look forward to it everytime. This particular Monday, we were originally planning to go to Vivavity Restaurant on Alexandra Road.  That seems to be one […]