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The Jade Seafood Restaurant 玉庭軒

I’ve been very fortunate lately to have at least one weekday off per week to go have dim sum with my mom.  I love going to “yum cha”, and I look forward to it everytime.

This particular Monday, we were originally planning to go to Vivavity Restaurant on Alexandra Road.  That seems to be one of my mom’s favs, if not THE fav.

However, parking there is hellious, even on a Monday afternoon (just imagine what it would be like on a weekend!).  That’s probably the reason why we choose to go yum cha only on weekdays.

So, unable to get a parking spot there, we ventured East a little and ended up at The Jade Seafood Restaurant, also on Alexandra Road. (I urge you, please don’t try to go there during the weekend!  You’re just creating problems for yourself).

On a side note…I was so surprised that they actually have a pretty complete website!  In English!  I am very surprised and pleased at the same time. You can even download their full menus in pdf format!!!

The Jade Restaurant: Duck Webs with Jelly Fish

Anyways back to the food.  Mommy really felt like having the spicy Duck Webs with Jelly Fish ($6.69).  Duck Webs/Feet, when prepared this way, is always de-boned, so you can just munch on it very easily.

This wasn’t as spicy as mom wanted it.  Texture-wise, the feet were very tender and the jelly fish were crunchy, just as they should be.  Taste was there, just not the ‘kick’.  Maybe it’ll be better next time.

The Jade Restaurant: Steamed Mushroom Dumpling

The Steamed Mushroom Dumpling is something I haven’t tried before, as it’s unique to this restaurant.

We really liked it.  It was filled with different kinds of mushrooms and it was very fragrant.  The dumpling skin was fresh, CHEWY, perfect.  I highly recommend this ($4.48).

The Jade Restaurant: BBQ Pork Bun

The BBQ Pork Bun, more familiar to us as cha siu bao, is my mom’s favorite.  She’ll order this everytime.  Me?  For some reason, I rarely touch it.  It just doesn’t appeal to me.

That doesn’t mean it’s not good though.  The bao was fluffy and slightly sweetened.  There was also quite a bit of stuffing too.  This is $3.98.

The Jade Restaurant: Beef with Chinese Parsley Rice Roll

Now this is something I order everytime.  Beef with Chinese Parsley Rice Roll ($4.98).  Honestly it could be Beef with anything Rice Roll and I’ll eat it, as long as it’s Beef and Rice Roll.

The skin was CHEWY (what else?? :D).  I love it drenched in the sweet soy sauce.  Did you know that the soy sauce used to Rice Rolls are different?  It’s the sweetened kind.

The was just a bit too little filling inside though.

The Jade Restaurant: Supreme Dumpling in Soup

Lastly is again something unique to this restaurant.  In English they call it Supreme Dumpling in Soup ($5.98).  Chinese it’s 佛跳牆湯餃 literally translated to “Buddha-Jumps-off-Wall” Dumpling in Soup.

Funny eh?  Not sure why it’s named that.  But it’s a pretty common gourmet soup.  The major ingredients in that soup is shark fin, abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw (stomach), shitake mushroom, and various other seafoods.  It’s usually a big pot of soup.  Here they’ve just gathered those same ingredients (albeit tiny versions of them) into this dish.

If you ever try it, find the abalone.  It’s a miniature version and it’s so cute.

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  1. It looks good. Too bad it is in Richmond…

    Re: Buddha jumps over the wall, it is because the (aroma of) dish is so good that even vegetarians (i.e., Buddha) would jump over the wall for it! If you had to choose in the menu between a some “luxurious ingredients soup” or a “Buddha jumps over the wall”, which one would you choose? 😀

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