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The Crab Pot @ Bellevue

The Crabpot restaurant was introduced to us a couple of years ago by a friend that frequented Washington state because the currency exchange rate was great (for us, Canadians) and diapers were cheaper across the border!  Wendy and I decided to try it again on our trip (one of many) to Washington.  This time, we did not venture into the heart of Seattle to the downtown location, but to Bellevue instead.  This location is also cheaper than the downtown Seattle one.

The Crabpot

It seems like Wendy made a great choice in coming to this location instead.  The decor is much more attractive than the downtown venue.

Their special is the Seafeast, which is basically a big pot of seafood dumped onto your table.  The variety of seafood depends on which “feast” you choose.  There are 4 to choose from.  We chose the 2nd least expensive one – “The Westport”.

The Crabpot: Sourdough Bread

The sour dough bread was alright.  I thoroughly enjoyed slathering the butter on the bun upon layers and layers….mmmm…..

The pot arrives………

The Crabpot: The Westport

First they lay a big piece of white paper across the table, and gives each of us a wooden board and mallet.  They also tie a bib on each of us.  When the pot’s ready, they dump the contents in front of you directly onto the paper-lined table.

The mess you see above has clams, mussels, snow crab, dungeness crab, corn, shrimp and even sausages!!!

The Crabpot: Butter

Butter…for my body…err….did I say body? I meant the seafood!!!

The Crabpot: aftermath

The Crabpot: aftermath

We took the massive gathering of the pot and all that was left were some potatoes.  I love potatoes, but at this point of the game, I didn’t feel like intaking more carbs.

Of course, that was until Wendy decided to get the dessert!!!

The Crabpot: Strawberry Rhubarb cake with ice cream

Presenting… Strawberry Rhubarb cake with ice cream! *applause*

Wendy enjoyed the cake quite a bit.  I, on the other, wasn’t too fond of the sourness of the rhubarb.  However, the cake part of it was superb.  I guess next time I will see if I can just order the bottom part of the cake.  The ice cream coupled very well with the cake and I had to throw in the white flag as my consumption during the meal threatened the walls of my stomach!

If you want to have a unique experience when you go to the land of Obama.  Be sure to check out The Crabpot in Bellevue.  It will definitely satisfy.  It was about US$21  for each person ($25 in downtown Seattle), which isn’t exactly cheap, but the experience itself will be worth it.  Try it out!

  • Note from Wendy* The downtown Seattle location would be great if you’re planning to visit Pike Place Market, as it is directly below the market.  Otherwise, venture to the Bellevue location instead.  Traffic’s better there, it’s about the same distance from Vancouver, and best of all…it has free parking!

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  1. Whoa, that’s a lot of seafood.

    I can’t believe you ate the whole thing and Wendy even had room for dessert.

    You two are eating machines!

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