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Le Panier – Very French Bakery

I went down to Seattle with a co-worker for a one day trip since she had always wanted to go to The Crab Pot.  We were able to fit a lot of shopping into the day and when we arrived at The Crab Pot, it was a bit too early for dinner so we decided to take a walk around Pike Place Market first.

Now, in the back of my mind I remember reading on another blog about one bakery in this area that makes macarons.  We didn’t know which bakery so we just snooped around and hoped for the best.

Le Panier - Very French Bakery

Then we saw this place, Le Panier, under it’s name it says “Very French Bakery”.  This must be it.

Le Panier - Very French Bakery interior

For a weekday afternoon, there were quite a lot of people here.  We were immediately taken by the pastry display inside.

Le Panier - Very French Bakery

Isn’t it mesmerizing?  I was especially taken with the macarons on the top.  There was another treat on the bottom…

Le Panier - Very French Bakery: Napoleon Bars

Napoleon Bars!  And the original kind!  I’ve always loved the custard and flaky pastry ones.  The ones I find in Richmond are always the Asian kind with walnuts in it.  These are my favorite.  My co-worker was equally excited as we were just talking about this earlier in the week.  These are a bit expensive though (what did we expect? It’s a tourist area) at $3.50USD a pop.

Le Panier - Very French Bakery

However since we’re here we decided to pack one to go to have as dessert after our meal at The Crab Pot.  At the same time, we decided to come back after dinner to get some goodies to take home.

Le Panier - Very French Bakery: Napoleon Bar

Doesn’t it look lovely?  The good people at the restaurant were nice enough to provide us with forks and plates to have our self-brought dessert.  It was scrumptious.  I really hope to find these in Vancouver/Richmond.

Le Panier - Very French Bakery: Macarons

These were the most delicious (and expensive!) macarons I’ve ever had (albeit the only other ones I’ve had were the ones from Saint Germain bakery).  I had Lemon and Raspberry and they were just so crispy on the outside and chewy and flavorful on the inside.  I just fell in love with them.  They are $1.50 each so I may only treat myself to 2 each time I’m there.

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  1. I was at Le Panier on the weekend. I love their light, flaky croissants (I’m in caloric denial) and this time I tried a ham and cheese one. It was awesome. Loved very bite. I almost wish there was a store in Vancouver, but when I think how often I would be there, I think nah, it would be horrible to my waistline. The only comparable place that has such good croissants that comes to mind, is Thomas Haas in N. Van.

    I also have to say the macaroons was absolutely divine. Their espresso one was the best and I must say I was tempted to splurge and bring a dozen home. However, on second thought, it was too much to an already food laden eating fest. In hind sight, I should have (sigh).

    I guess I’ll have to settle for the St. Germain version until I can return.

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