Citrus Tart @ Beaucoup Bakery

On my last girl date with TDog, we made a trip down to Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe so TDog could try out their pastries too.  A good thing about Beaucoup is that they come out with seasonal limited edition pastries to keep things interesting.

This time around, to give us a taste of summer which we’re all so longing for, they’re offering a colorful Citrus Tart ($5.5).

Beaucoup Bakery: Citrus Tart

It really is a beauty isn’t it?

At first we thought it would be pretty tart but the only really tart part was the yuzu gelee.  The rest of the citrus slices—orange, grapefruit, and blood orange—were refreshingly sweet, but that could be due to the glaze on top.

Compared to the Fig Tart from last time we visited Beacoup Bakery, the fromage frais was much more prominent.  The addition of whole coriander seeds added nice ‘pops’ of floral, perfumey fragrance, but TDog and I thought it might’ve been better to infuse the mild cheese with the aroma rather than to add whole seeds, since there were quite a bit of them in there and was not such a welcome crunch each time they were bitten.  TDog actually ended up picking them out.

The tart shell was good, dense, and buttery as always.

Beaucoup Bakery: Citrus Tart display

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