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Fat Duck Mobile Eatery Ltd

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery Ltd

Here’s a review of a lunch I had on the go downtown earlier this week.  Quick lunch, quick review.  Fat Duck Mobile Eatery Ltd food truck parks outside of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Hamilton between Dunsmuir and Georgia.  Their menu items hover around $10.  I’ve really been digging the food cart thing as of late; I love how you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at the more reputable ones. Since they specialize in doing a small number of dishes they can focus on tweaking them to perfection.

As their name would suggest the Fat Duck truck’s signature dish is a Duck Confit sandwich.  But I couldn’t resist the pull of the pork…pulled pork that is:

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery: Les Trois Cochons sandwich

Behold the mighty Les Trois Cochons ($10) sandwich.  The first pig is braised pulled pork butt, the second pig is pork belly, the third (little) pig is the maple bacon butter.  Add a small amount of Swiss, a large amount of pickled slaw, slap it on some sourdough bread and toast it grilled-cheese style and there you have a sandwich fit for the big bad wolf himself.

Fat Duck warned me to grab extra napkins for the juice, but I actually found the pork’s juice level to be just the right amount to give a burst in the mouth, but not so much as to drip all over the place.  I was glad I grabbed napkins though since the pickled carrots, onions, and cabbage proved to be a tad more messy.  The mild spice level (think kimchi) of the slaw mixed with the sour punch made great company for the rich, thick layers of pork.  I don’t know how much more I can tell you about this sandwich, but the fact that two people commented on my sandwich within a block as I was walking and eating it should give you a hint on its quality!

The side of potato chips were home-made with a conservative dash of salt and sprinkling of chili.  I thought the seasoning was just right but I still wish there was more of the spiced aioli they served on the side.  They would have to approximately double the amount given to provide enough for the side of chips that comes with the sandwiches.

100% urbanspoon rating as of this writing and it’s no wonder; the lunch I had from Fat Duck Mobile Eatery was definitely top-notch.

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