Market Square in Victoria, BC

I went to a congress in Victoria for work.  Yep.  Victoria.  Actually, it was Sidney.  Even worse.  I asked around beforehand about where to go to eat, and a fun place called Wannawafel came up.  It was located in downtown Victoria.  And they serve waffles.  So my roommate SheShe and I decided we were going to go there.

Wannawafel exterior

Wannawafel interior

I didn’t expect it to be so small.  But apparently it was bigger than what my friend thought it would be.  She thought it was going to be just a cart.  I guess they expanded.  They were very aromatic though.  We could smell their waffles from the outside.

Wannawafel menu

They don’t really have an extensive menu.  They just have 2 types of waffles and the rest was toppings and drinks.  The waffles were the Liege and the Brussels. We took one of each.

Wannawafel: Brussels waffle

I picked the Brussels.  According to the workers, this type is less dense but there is no sugar added, so it’s served with icing sugar.  I added a scoop of ice cream to it too.

It was indeed very light and crispy, and the ice cream went very well with it.  However I did find that it was quite yeasty.

Wannawafel: Liege waffle

SheShe had the Liege.  This version is more cake-y and sugar is in the ingredients, so it’s normally served without icing sugar, and really didn’t need the extra toppings.  Too bad we only found out after we ordered.  They should’ve told us.

I didn’t really like the chocolate sauce though.  It was one of those that hardens and tasted plastic.  The waffle itself was pretty good.  It was much more dense than the Brussels.

Between the two, we couldn’t decide which one we liked better.  I think we liked both.

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