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Beacon Landing Seafood Restaurant

There are quite a lot of places to eat around Sidney actually.  SheShe and I were just lazy and didn’t want to walk far from our lodging, so we had a few meals at the MickeyD’s next door unfortunately.

But we got all dressed up one night for a Wine & Cheese at the local aquarium, so we decided to head out for a real sit-down dinner at Beacon Landing.

It was quite weird though as you seat yourself here.  We wondered for a bit how the servers would know that we’ve sat down.  But they did.

Beacon Landing: calamari

We ordered some calamari to share off the bat ($12).  They tasted pretty good, but the rings were quite skinny, which I didn’t like.  It, however, wasn’t engulfed in batter and there was actually a lot on the plate, so this wasn’t too bad.  SheShe really liked it though, she said “Feels so good to have real food again!”.

Beacon Landing: Wok Chicken

SheShe’s entree was the Wok Chicken ($15) which was basically deep-fried chicken nuggets in an “Asian” (teriyaki) sauce, on a bed of rice, topped with “Asian noodles”.  Oh, and to make it even more “Asian”, they give you a pair of chopsticks.

I really dislike when western restaurants try to make something “Asian” by using teriyaki sauce.  SheShe said she didn’t really like it either, and didn’t understand why she ordered it.

I had a taste too and I didn’t like it, but I was never a fan of teriyaki sauce anyway.

Beacon Landing: Tuna Tataki

I wasn’t too too hungry so I opted for one of their “Small Meals” too, it being the Tuna Tataki ($16).  It was served with a ponzu sauce, wasabi and ginger.  Oh and chopsticks.

This actually wasn’t too bad.  The tuna was nicely done (I had worried that they would make it too well-done), and the ponzu sauce was actually very refreshing and light.  I consumed everything.

Beacon Landing: cornbread

I also did something weird, and ordered a side of cornbread for $1.50.  Strange combination I know, but I really really wanted it.  But alas I couldn’t finish it so I packed it for breakfast the next day.  The cornbread was pretty good, nothing spectacular but not bad.

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