Meat & Bread

Meat & Bread

Happy (very, very) Belated New Year!  I know I haven’t been very good with updating.  Life has been hectic and with eating, taking, editing, blogging pictures of food, I’ll have to say eating is progressing much faster than the rest.  I’ll try to change that this year and blog more often!

So with my first post of the new year, it’s a simple, simple lunch at Meat & Bread at Gastown.

After all, when you’ve partied hard the night before, when (if) you eat, you just want something no frills, hearty, comforting.  For me, that was a nice cup of soup.  For others, maybe a fresh sandwich?

Meat and Bread

Meat and Bread Menu

Which is why Pretty Sis and I ended up at Meat & Bread.

As you can see, it really is no frills.  One long communal table (plus a couple smaller ones near the door at the window).  Minimal choices on the menu.  Once we walked in we were greeted by someone with an accent.  He basically reiterated what was on the menu.  It didn’t take him long though.

They’re liars though.  On their receipt, at the bottom, it clearly states a sentence along the lines of “We’ll never be out of Porchetta”.  But as you can see on the menu above, they’re out of it.  Boo.  That’s their signature item.

Meat and Bread: Meatball Sandwich and Pork Chilli

So PS opted for the Meatball ($7) plus a cup of Pork Chilli ($4).

Meat and Bread: Meatball Sandwich

Honestly, it really wasn’t that good.  I had a bite and I found the meatballs mostly tasteless.  It wasn’t seasoned enough and the sauce just seemed to cover the meat, not infuse into it.  7 bucks huh….hmm……

Meat and Bread: Pork Chilli

I only had a cup of their Pork Chilli.  It was actually comparable to…what is it now….OH I got it!!  Tim Hortons!!!

Really.  I really didn’t find it that interesting.  The price was thankfully ok though.  I think the best part was, the cilantro on top =D

Downtown eateries are always so pretentious huh.  A seemingly simply-named restaurant with a simple menu is never simple when it’s located there.  The prices are a dead giveaway (come on now, a Grilled Cheese for $7???)

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  1. Price aside – which I consider to be on the expensive side, specially when there is Re-Up – I think you should go back and try to get the porchetta. No, really. It is sort of a one hit wonder but, until you try it, you will sort of understand why a lot of people like it.

  2. “A seemingly simply-named restaurant with a simple menu is never simple when it’s located there.”

    this made me laugh.. because it’s true ;_;

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