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Bubble Queen’s 7 Flavor Mochi

EDIT: Just so anyone’s interested, the hours for Bubble Queen are as follows: M-Thu 2-8pm, F-Sat 2-12am, Sun 2-6pm.

If you can’t tell already, my favorite BBT place is Bubble Queen.  Honestly, I’ve had an assortment of drinks from them and I’ve NOT had a miss yet.

But it may not be obvious but they actually serve an assortment of non-beverage items too.  Recently they’ve come out with some stuffed mochi/rice ball things.

Bubble Queen: 7-flavor Rice Balls

I think they’re more like tong yuen .  There are a total of 7 flavors: Chocolate, Matcha, Strawberry, Mango, Taro, Sesame, and Coconut.

Bubble Queen: 7-flavor Rice Balls

And each are stuffed with a flavor.  Chocolate with chocolate, Matcha with red bean, Strawberry with white choco, Mango with mango, Taro with black sesame, Sesame with black sesame, and Coconut with black sesame.

Bubble Queen: 7-flavor Rice Balls

So I ordered one for Boyfriend’s Mom.  That being said, I didn’t actually get to taste them.  They are interesting though and I will for sure try them myself another time.  Boyfriend’s Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy them though.

Bubble Queen: Mango with mango filling

Mango with mango.

Bubble Queen: Strawberry with white chocolate filling

Strawberry with white chocolate.

Bubble Queen: Taro with black sesame filling

Taro with black sesame.

Bubble Queen: Sesame with black sesame filling

Sesame with black sesame.

Bubble Queen: Matcha with red bean.

Matcha with red bean.

The rest were consumed before I got a chance to take pictures.

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    1. Hi Ben:

      No it’s not in Richmond Centre, Urbanspoon is misleading in that way. It’s on Odlin Crescent as the address says, in Pacific Plaza. Look at my first Bubble Queen post to see where.

  1. As tempting as the mochis looked, I ended up trying the mango mochi/smoothie instead and it was good, I also noticed that they have interesting combinations of waffles with matcha, red beans, etc.

    I will have to return.

    The owner was really nice too and has a passion for food which I can totally relate to. I love her willingness to try different combinations.

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