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Tealips Bubble Tea for Waffles and Sandwiches

I was told of Tealips cafe by Awkward Diner a while ago. I was so happy to find that there was a dessert waffle place so close to me. I quickly brought Hitman to try it out with me on a few occasions, for dessert AND for lunch.

Our first visit was for dessert after dinner.  We had to get it to go since the place was packed.  Always a sucker for mochi I picked the Matcha Red Bean Waffle liege style (for it’s chewy consistency).  It’s topped with red bean paste, vanilla ice cream, and dusted with matcha powder.

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee: Matcha Red Bean Waffle

I was quite disappointed to see that the ‘mochi’ was actually cut up pieces of the usual Asian snack of bean paste-filled green tea mochi.  It seems like they cut up one piece enough to give you a “few” pieces.  I had originally hoped that Tealips’ mochi would be in the style of Menchie’s or Qoola’s.

The liege style waffle was almost as they described: slightly chewy with balls of sugar.  It was denser than the Brussels style.  I don’t think they make this style fresh…I believe they heat up pre-made ones for this.  The red bean paste was expectedly sweet.

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee: Cinnamon Banana Waffle Brussels style

Hitman had the Cinnamon Banana Waffle on Brussels style waffle.  This one I believe they made the waffle in-house.  This style of waffle was fluffier and lighter.

They had a waffle combo deal where you could get 2 waffles for about $9 if I remember correctly.

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee: Mixed Berries Waffle Brussels style

On another visit to Tealips with TDog I had the Mixed Berries Waffle on Brussels style.

Our next visit was for lunch as I was intrigued by their sandwich combo offerings.

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee: Brie Foccacia Sandwich with daily soup combo

I got the Brie Foccacia Sandwich combo with a daily soup (around $9 I think).  It boasts fresh ingredients including thick slices of brie cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, ham, walnuts and a balsamic dressing.

The foccacia was really good and I thought the sandwich was a decent size.  The soup of the day was chicken noodle.  It wasn’t that good, but I can say that it wasn’t over salty.

I also got a Lavender Tea Latte ($4.25).  It was a decent size and tasted pretty good.  Lavender’s an acquired taste though.

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee: Apple Foccacia Sandwich and salad combo

Hitman had the Apple Foccacia Sandwich combo with a salad (also around $9-10).  His sandwich is basically the same as mine but with the addition of green apple slices which gave a nice crisp tart taste to round out the brie.  Hitman really enjoyed it and I would get this sandwich next time.

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee: Salad

We were both extremely impressed with the salad.  As you can see there’s plenty of fresh and yummy ingredients, especially the berries.  They also don’t overdress their salads.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be back, especially since it’s so close to us.  One complaint though is that their service is quite slow.

They only serve sandwiches from 11am-5pm.  Tealips is also known for their shaved ice platters but we have yet to try those.

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