Two pizzas from Real Things Pizza in Naramata, BC

Real Things Pizza – Naramata, BC

We decided to take it easy on the first night of our Naramata stay and ordered pizza delivery from Real Things Pizza.  Their website is basic but kooky, their “Meet Our Employees” page is especially interesting!  Their worker base seems to either be entirely made up of kids or there’s something in the water here that makes adults look […]

Brunetti Pizza - Meatball Pizza

Brunetti Pizza – New York

This is Part 10 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! Our last pizza adventure was at Brunetti Pizza in the West Village (great score of 8.2 on the app). Brunetti is a cool little Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant, with a front and back patio (we sat in the front along the sidewalk), that cooks 20 pizza varieties in their […]

Rose's Pizza - New York

Majestic Pizza & Rose’s Pizza – New York

This is Part 9 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! Wendy: AngryRussian continues his review of New York Pizza! The next two places we tried were of the more traditional “slice” experience whereby the pies are already cooked and served from behind a counter- Majestic Pizza and Calzone, and Rose’s Pizza and […]

Anatolia’s Gate

While the name might conjure up spooky images of a bad ’80s horror movie or a cheesy black metal band, Anatolia’s Gate is actually a Turkish restaurant offering plenty of delicious and interesting departures from the usual Middle Eastern donairs and such.  We’ve stopped by a few times since I first heard about it through […]

Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana

A thing about Hitman is that he is into good, authentic food as much as I am. He’s always looking for the truest form of preparation for a certain type of cuisine and in reality, he is much, MUCH pickier than I am =P On our first date we were at a Thai restaurant and […]

The King’s Head Pub

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The King’s Head Pub really isn’t a place I would’ve chosen to go to, based on how it looks.  It looks really dingy and dark and dirty.  However the reviews mostly seem to be good, citing good food, good drinks, good atmosphere.  Plus, the new friend that I made […]

Marcello Pizzeria & Ristorante

Work friends decided to have our own Christmas dinner/gathering on top on the annual workplace party.  G, having been all around town, decided on Marcello on Commercial.  As he said, it’s Italian and most people enjoy Italian (except me that is haha). I’ve never been there before so I read some reviews.  It seems that […]