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Mazazu Crepe

Mazazu Crepe

Last Friday happened to be the grand opening of two new eateries at Aberdeen Centre: Mazazu Crepe and Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle.  We didn’t mean to go to either place but while having dinner at the food court (we had our favorite Laksa!).  I saw the lineup at Mazazu Crepe and originally I wasn’t interested.  But I took a menu and then that did it for me.  I got Boyfriend to lineup for me afterwards haha.

Honestly, I was rather pleased with the pricing.  The crepes really aren’t over expensive, as compared to the Downtown versions, but mind you, I haven’t had those in a good few years, so my memory could escape me or maybe they’ve changed.

Mazuzu Crepe: Double Strawberry Custard Crepe
What’s with the spoon?

I had originally wanted to get the Green Tea Shiratama Azuki Soft Ice Cream Crepe.  However, for some reason they decided not to do their ice cream crepes at the grand opening, so I settled.

I settled for the Double Strawberry Custard Crepe.

Mazuzu Crepe: Double Strawberry Custard Crepe

I did like the logo.  It’s very cute.

Mazuzu Crepe: Double Strawberry Custard Crepe

Over all, I actually did enjoy the crepe.  I have a suspicion that the custard is the same as the one they use at Beard Papa’s.  It looks and tastes the same.

There weren’t too many strawberries in it but the strawberry sauce was pretty good.  However, the crepe, although fresh (they had a long lineup, so it must be fresh right??), wasn’t warm when I got it.  But it was soft and chewy, somehow I like that.

I do think I’ll be back.

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  1. So there was an actual crepe place.

    I was wondering about that because when I went to Chef Hung’s today, I saw congratulation flower arrangements for Mazazu and got really confused. Maybe both restaurants are run by the same owner/company?

    The line ups at Chef Hung’s were long too. We waited about an hour. I must say the noodles were delicious, very smooth and chewy. But I think the high prices (up to $10.95) also reflect the quality of beef that is used. I am not normally used to bbq brisket quality when I order brisket in a taiwanese noodle house. Also, if you prefer a full flavoured soup, I would suggest going with the spicy version as the clear one can only be appreciated by soup connoisseurs.

    Everyone was ordering the side vegetable dishes, but I’m not as familiar with these so we just went with the green onion meat wrap and a pan fried pork bun. I prefer my meat wraps with more sauce and I think next time, I would like to try the green onion pancake on its own.

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