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It’s been a while since I met up with Fannypack so her birthday was a good excuse for dinner.  She suggested Anh and Chi.  For anyone who doesn’t already know, Anh and Chi is located where Pho Hoang used to be, and that was opened by the parents of the now-owners of Anh and Chi.  Pretty neat story.


It’s pretty amazing what a new coat of paint and interior design can do to a place (gives them a good excuse to charge $12 for a bowl of pho also!).  Add to that a new bar and bartenders, new drinks menu, and you got yourself a new hip hangout!

It was getting close to being packed when we arrived a bit after 6pm on a weeknight.  We were lucky to score a table right away (they don’t take reservations for 2 people).  Pretty soon after that there was a lineup at the door.

Chả Giò

Super proud of Fannypack as she picked 2 out of the 3 items we ordered!  First up Chả Giò ($8)which is known in English as crispy spring rolls, stuffed with your usual suspects of 
pork, prawn, carrot, taro, bean thread vermicelli & black mushroom. Served with lettuce, basil, shiso leaf & chili fish sauce. 

Now I’m not 100% sure but I think these are wrapped with rice paper, which in my opinion is the correct way to do it.  The rolls here are slim though, very skinny.  And really there’s just 2 skinny rolls cut in half.  We’re supposed to wrap one with the lettuce provided and the herbs.  It was messy to say the least.  The shiso leaf was a yummy fragrant plummy addition that I enjoyed…Fannypack not so much.  Pricey spring rolls though.

Number 37

I picked the rice dish Number 37 ($14) which comes with –grilled lemongrass chicken and/or pork chop (we chose to have both) served with steamed rice & chili fish sauce.  I had thought this was one of the big bowl items that everyone else was ordering but no it wasn’t…those must’ve been the vermicelli dishes.

The rice was very yummy- super chewy, just the way I like my food.  The pork chop was very thin but also very fragrant of lemongrass.  I didn’t actually taste the chicken at the restaurant as I was too stuffed from the other items, but I packed it home and it was tasty too.

Bánh Xèo

Lastly, this was Fannypack’s other pick- Bánh Xèo ($15) which is a Vietnamese crêpe.  Not found everywhere.

It is a rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric crispy crepe stuffed with pork, prawn, bean sprouts and mung bean.  This is also served with lettuce, mixed herbs as the spring rolls & chili fish sauce. 

This was even more of a mess to eat.  It’s very difficult to eat with your hands and to try to stuff everything into your mouth at once.  I also found this overall to be too bland.  I much prefer the version at Thai Son.

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