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Au Bar Nightclub

It was a night out with the girls on a Saturday night.  None of us really have much experience going clubbing so I had the job of picking a place.  After asking around, the first suggestion I received was Au Bar.  So after reading up on Google, we (I) decided to give this place a try.  Their bouncers are supposedly pretty discriminatory, not that that’s what we’re looking for but…the type of crowd is obviously very important.

Au Bar

I had made a guestlist beforehand with the arrival time being 10pm.  Having done that, we received 2-for-1 cover charge for our group, which was awesome as cover was $16 this Saturday night.

Upon arriving, there were absolutely no lineups at all and we swiftly went in.  The place was not packed at all.  A thing I noticed and disliked was that it was relatively “early” in the evening and the tables and floors were already sticky.  Not good.  There was also only 1 bartender working.

Au Bar: Pornstar shots

We had a total of 4 drinks each that night, and the prices were very reasonable.  We had a shot called Pornstar and it was served in a bigger shot glass than other places I’ve been to.  Now of course that doesn’t mean it’s better value, it depends on the alcohol content right???  It tasted great though.

By 10:30 the place was a bit more packed, so there were more bartenders available.  We found them to be quite pleasant to deal with.

Au Bar service

Service-wise, not that good.  Servers came around but only asked if we wanted to order anything else, and did not pick up our empty glasses.  Hmmm…..

Now to the music.  They did play Top 40’s which is what I enjoy the most.  The dance floor was small, and cramped as the crowd built.  It was also very hot and muggy in there.  I also hated the smoke/fog machine thing.

Crowd-wise, I would say it’s about 60% Indians, 30% Asians, 10% Caucasians.  Just not our crowd.  It just didn’t seem like an upscale club like Google made it out to be.  Hey taste is taste right?  Of course what’s not right for me might be right for you.  But I will definitely not be back.

Night: Saturday

Cover: $16

Price of Drinks:
– Shots: $6.50
– Highballs: $5-7

Crowd: Meh~

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Au Bar Nightclub
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