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A lot of my dining choices have to do with Masterchef.  The choice to go to Campagnolo was no exception.  In one episode, the challenge was to make gnudi, which is a ricotta-based gnocchi-like Italian dish, except there’s no potatoes in it.  I’ve never heard of gnudi before and it sounded delicious, so off to Google I went to see if anywhere in Vancouver offers it on their menu.  That my friends…is how the trip to Campagnolo came to be.

Campagnolo - Interior

The inside of the restaurant – warm and inviting.

Campagnolo - Aged Beef Tartare

We decided to share an appetizer of Aged Beef Tartare ($15).  Man was there a lot of meat…we felt like we could get two hamburger patties out of this dish.

The meat was very well seasoned but a bit on the dry side, but it was yummy.  There should’ve been more bread though for the amount of meat.  We ended up just eating forkfuls of meat in the end.

Campagnolo - Tagliatelle

Fannypack picked the Tagliatelle ($21) in a pork ragú, topped with basil, pecorino romano cheese.  It was a big serving.

Campagnolo - Ricotta Gnudi

As for my Ricotta Gnudi ($23), they were huge, each piece being a bit bigger than a golf ball.  It was served in a brown butter sauce with toasted pinenuts and chives.

It was delicious and chewy, just the way I like my food.  I’ve never really had brown butter sauce before so I was very excited to have the opportunity.  Despite the dish only having 5 pieces, it was very filling.

We also joked that the tartare made up for the lack of meat in my dish.

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