Maui Brewing Company Tasting Room – Kihei, Maui

This is Part 11 of our Maui Food Adventures!  Check out the rest!

We were lucky to have only had one rainy day during out stay in Maui.  So what did we do for the day?  We went to Maui Brewing Company for some beers!

We took an Uber to get the Kihei location.  It was amongst an industrial area.  The building is HUGE.

Maui Brewing Company Tasting Room

This location of Maui Brewing Company in Kihei only had a tasting room and no food service. They do have a rotation of food trucks that come around though and apparently some of them will deliver to your table when the food is ready. The food truck today didn’t though. More about the food in the next post.

There’s also live music!  This day the artist played a bunch of AngryRussian’s favorite songs so he was a happy camper.

Maui Brewing Company Taps

There’s an impressive amount of taps here… at least 29…and that’s just beers. After #29 are other beverages such as guest taps, wine, kombucha, Island Root Beer, etc.

Maui Brewing Company flights

Maui Brewing Company flight

We started with some flights.  This is mine starting clockwise from top left:

  • #5 Pineapple Mana (American Wheat with Maui Pineapple)
  • #21 Pacific Rim (Specialty Pale Ale with Matcha Green Tea)
  • #12 Imperial Coconut Porter (their 2016 G.A.B.F. Gold Medal Winner)
  • #17 Barefoot Brew (Ale brewed with local honey)
  • #24 Lemongrass Saison
  • #3 Bikini Blonde

The flights here are a pricey $14USD each but you get 6 tasters.  Still when you convert back to CAD it’s pricey.  But hey you always splurge while on vacay right?

My favorite was definitely the Pineapple Mana.  Fresh from the tap it had a strong pineapple aroma.  If you’re interested to try it, John B Pub in Coquitlam has it on tap!

Second favorite was the award winning Imperial Coconut Porter because it was so rich and thick and coconutty!  I liked it because it was so different.  However, I don’t think anyone can sit down with a pint of the stuff though.  It’s DENSE!

Maui Brewing Company
Left: kombucha; Right: Pint of Pineapple Mana

After my flight I tried some local kombucha ($6 USD) on tap from Vitali Tea.  I believe this was strawberry flavor but as usual with kombucha, it doesn’t really taste like its flavor.  AngryRussian had another pint of Pineapple Mana ($5 USD Happy Hour price).

Maui Brewing Company - Can glass & Island Root Beer

Next, AngryRussian had another Pineapple Mana but this time we got an awesome can glass with it all for $12 USD.

I tried their housebrewed Island Root Beer ($3.50 USD) made with mostly local ingredients (except for the sassafras extract).  It was less carbonated than the usual storebought stuff.  Less sweet too, and less sassafras-y.  It was different and uniquely hawaiian.

Maui Brewing Company can glasses

Lastly we shared a Pueo Pale Ale also in a can glass because…we needed to each have one of course!

It was a great rainy day spent at Maui Brewing Company.  We had great food, heard great music, and had great drinks!  Definitely must come back!

This is Part 11 of our Maui Food Adventures!  Check out the rest!

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Maui Brewing Company Tasting Room – Kihei, Maui
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