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Our Poke Adventures in Maui

This is Part 1 of our Maui Food Adventures!  Check out the rest!


Safeway Hawaii Poke Selection

Ever since (and honestly, even before) we planned our trip to Maui, AngryRussian had been tooting poke’s horn.  He’s been telling me how Maui Safeways had rows and rows of different kinds of poke to choose from and how we would be having it every day.  So naturally our first meal after arriving to Maui was just that!  Poke!  During the course of the trip we tried poke’s from a few different places

Our first stop naturally was Costco as it was right by the airport and we needed to get most of our breakfast items and bevvies to our condo.  We walked by the prepped food area and there was surprised to find poke there too!  We don’t know why we didn’t expect that but we didn’t.  We picked the Kajiki and Sea Asparagus and Spicy Ahi Poke flavor to try.

Costco Kajiki and Sea Asparagus Poke

Costco Kajiki and Sea Asparagus Poke

We were famished (we had an early arrival flight) and so excited to try poke that I couldn’t wait until we got to our condo…we feasted in the car.

The Kajiki and Sea Asparagus version was my choice.  I love sea asparagus and kajiki (blue marlin) is not a typical fish used for poke, so I was interested to try it.  The sea asparagus was crunchy and fresh, and the kajiki was a firm fish with a slight chew.  It had a creamy, salty sauce.

Costco Hawaii Spicy Ahi Poke

Costco Hawaii Spicy Ahi Poke

Spicy Ahi (tuna) was AngryRussian’s choice of course…he loooooves spicy.  The sauce here is even more creamy, but it wasn’t really that spicy at all.  The ahi was also firm.

Costco’s poke has really big chunks of fish, almost too big, and I thought the sauces were too creamy for what I want in my poke.  It was also quite salty.

Poke selection in Maui, Hawaii

We picked up one more poke from Safeway along the way- just a regular Shoyu Ahi Poke which is simply marinated in soy sauce.  When we finally did get to our condo, AngryRussian chopped up the Costco ones and added pineapple and avocado, and we served with some scoopy Tostito chips.  It was a yummy concoction.

Safeway Hawaii Shoyu Ahi Poke

Safeway’s Shoyu Ahi was the best out of the three so far.  Fish wasn’t too firm, sauce wasn’t too salty, great simple shoyu flavor.

On our next shopping trip AngryRussian grabbed a few pokes from the grocery store “Times”.

Times Hawaii Ahi Poke Limu

Times Hawaii Ahi Kukui Nut Poke

Times Hawaii Hot Shoyu Ahi Poke

Again the spicy version wasn’t all that spicy, but a bit spicier than the Costco version.  I didn’t really enjoy the texture of the fish of this Times’ version though.  It just tasted off somehow.

My favorite was the version with limu seaweed as I like that added crunch.  I couldn’t really find any kukui nut in the kukui nut version either.

All in all I think my favorite poke would be the version from Safeway but I of course wouldn’t be oppose to trying from other places too when we return to Maui!

This is Part 1 of our Maui Food Adventures!  Check out the rest!

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