Mallard Ice Cream

Wendy and I spent another day in the Evergreen State looking for pre-Black Friday sales.  It was a fun filled day with good food and plenty of shopping gifts for ourselves.  To wrap it all up, we took the exit on 253 to give Mallard a try.  Wendy actually suggested it twice before but we either were just too filled from food before or I was in too much of a hurry to get home. This time, I knew were were destined for some dairy love.

Mallard Ice Cream exterior

Located in downtown Bellingham, the parking was quite easy around 9PM.  Strangely enough, there were plenty of parked cars in the downtown area at a time like this….Anyways, I digress…

Mallard Ice Cream interior

Mallard Ice Cream interior

The internal view.  This place had a very college campus feel.  There were a lot of young people in their 20s enjoying their time here.  I didn’t expect a place like this in the middle of Bellingham.  It was purely a positive surprise.

Mallard Ice Cream menu

This is the menu.  Definitely not your everyday typical menu board you see at your local Baskin Robbins.  It has got some really non-standard ice cream selections for one to choose from.  I knew that from the first sight onto this board, I knew we would return.

Mallard Ice Cream: Strawberry Malt

The Strawberry Malt.  I honestly thought it would be far more different that the picture suggests.  I imagined that it would have Maltesers balls and strawberry bits among it.  It was quite an ordinary selection.  It was not bad per se, but nothing to write home about.

Mallard Ice Cream: Chili Lime

I bring you … the Chili Lime!  Chili? Oh yes, it is Chili.  But where is the red sauce?  Where are the bits of red sticks of fire protruding from the softness of the lime dairy?  The answer is that the thought of this being remotely spicy just did not register in one’s mind from looking at it.  Wendy tried it and liked it.  I tried it and liked it too!!  After we swallowed each bite, there would be strong burning sensation in our throats as the chili works its magic.  A very unique experience.  We look forward to Cajun Chocolate next time!!  We will be back to Bellingham!

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  1. You made it to Mallard ice cream you lucky dogs. This on my list too.

    Chile lime sounds so strange and yet so tempting. Did you see custard on their menu? It’s my current ice cream obsession.

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