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Red Persimmon Taiwanese Cuisine

Despite the horrible parking conditions at Crystal Mall, it is still one of my favorite places to go for lunch when I’m at work.  It’s a good thing we always have lunch early so the conditions aren’t TOO too bad.

Red Persimmon Taiwanese

There’s so many options here that I find it hard to choose a place.  Finally I settled on Red Persimmon Taiwanese Cuisine.  This is because I saw something interesting on their menu board.  But more about that later.

Red Persimmon Taiwanese: "Tempura"

L1 also picked something from here.  It’s simply called Tempura in Chinese.  It’s like a Japanese oden but Taiwanese style.  It comes with different pieces of fish cake in soup.  It also comes with 2 dipping sauces, the bigger one kind of tasted like a yam puree to me.  It looked rather small but L1 insists it’s filling enough.

Red Persimmon Taiwanese: "Bowl Cake"

As for what interested me, was this thing called “Bowl Cake” in English.  When people asked me what this is, I had difficulty explaining it.  Basically I guess it’s like a ground rice steamed cake thing.  The best description I have would  be like Chinese steamed turnip/radish cake but without all the mushrooms and dried shrimps and stuff.

Red Persimmon Taiwanese: "Bowl Cake"

It is served with preserved vegetables, ground meat, and a gravy sauce.  It only cost $2 and isn’t very big but it’s very very filling.  I quite enjoyed this and is very very likely to order it again.  It’s so cheap!!

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Red Persimmon Taiwanese
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