Aberdeen Centre Food Court Quickie

Nothing like grabbing a quick snack at the food court when you are starving. Fast, cheap, goes down fast and hopefully not-so-fast out. Wendy and I decided to pay a trip to Aberdeen Centre’s food court. I believe this is probably the best Asian food court, not because of the food offerings, but because of […]

Big Orange

I’m glad there’s a Big Orange Juice Bar in Richmond Centre.  It’s close enough that I don’t have to travel into Alexandra Road area to get it.  They’re no Bubble World, but they satisfy the craving once in a while.

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal

Some colleagues and I went to Starbucks for coffee break one day.  As I was hungry, I forgoed a drink and ordered their Perfect Oatmeal instead. What a mistake.  Now it was my first time to order this so I didn’t know what “choices” I have aside from the topping add-in.  The barista was probably […]

Orange Julius Free Smoothie Day Coupon

If you haven’t heard by now, June 19th is Orange Julius’ Free Light Smoothie Day. Go here and print out the coupon, and on that Friday you can get a free Light Smoothie of your choice from the 3 flavors offered! A lot of places have been doing these kinds of things lately, ie. Tim […]

Cherry Fruit Juice & Icy Bar 利源冰店

Part two of Parker Place Food Court. Now this was the same meal as when I had Pak Kee’s Pepper Salt Fried Chicken Nuggets with rice. For something that’s bound to induce a thirst, I gotta get a drink don’t I? Aside from the popular Pearl Castle to-go, my favorite drink place is from Cherry […]

Pak Kee Beef Noodle 栢記牛肉粉

Update Mar 15, 2012: This restaurant is now closed. It’s about time I blogged about another great Asian food court in Richmond.  The one at Parker Place has got to be one of the more successful ones, as most of the shops there have been there since day 1.  It is always busy, always difficult […]

Little Monk Pretzels

Update: This restaurant has closed or moved. I’ve always loved soft pretzels.  I remember many, many years ago at Lansdowne Mall there was a small pretzel place that sells pretzel sticks with cheddar cheese dipping sauce.  It was so good.  It has shut down many years ago and I could only go to Metrotown to […]

Strawberry Cones Pizza

Update: This restaurant has moved to International Village in Vancouver. It was my once-a-week eat-out outing w/ Fannypack today. We started this around 1-2 years ago when we took a program at BCIT together.  It was quite an intense program so every Friday we would go have dinner together after school to “celebrate” a week done. […]