Fig Spread Recipe – No Added Sugar!

I gotta admit. Fresh figs underwhelm me. They always look so appealing and promising but when I bite into one, aside from the apparent and plain sweetness, there isn’t much flavor to them. Hitman loves them fresh but I just don’t get it. Dried figs, however, are a whole different story. Soft, slightly chewy with […]

Hitman’s Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I’m a firm believer in the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’d like to share my recipe for a healthy, added-sugar-free breakfast smoothie.  This quick and delicious smoothie recipe makes enough for one tall glass, but can easily be doubled for two people.  I like to have […]

Home-cooking: Breakfast Smoothie

My parents are on vacation for 2 weeks so I’ll have to fend for myself in the meals department for the time being. Not wanting to rely on takeout and instant noodles for 2 weeks, I started to make some simple meals and here’s to chronicling those attempts! And thus..the first post of my “Attempts […]