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Dine-out Vancouver 2008: The Cat’s Meow

Update: The Cat’s Meow is now closed.

This is actually from way back in January.  We went for DOV at The Cat’s Meow which is located in Granville Island. This was one of the restaurants offering a $25 menu.

The ambiance of this restaurant is like a lounge, with tvs located throughout the bar for the Canucks fans of the city. The night we went it didn’t seem too busy, but the lower level of the restaurant was filled, so they sat us upstairs. I quite liked that since it wasn’t as loud in the upper level.

The Cat's Meow: crab cakes

For our appetizer, we both picked the crab cakes as they had this on their menu: “the story of our crab cakes: years ago we ventured down south in an attempt to research the cutting edge of dining. we tried a crab cake that was unforgettable; this was an item we had to put on our menu. after weeks of trial and error we finally created the perfect recipe. now after eight years… still our #1 selling recipe.” How could we not try it after that introduction??

The Cat's Meow: Yam Fries

We also ordered the Yam Fries by itself. I love yam fries. It came in quite a big portion for $5.99 I thought.The crab cakes were just okay. I’ve had better, namely from Mi Bar & Grill. So I didn’t what they were talking about being “unforgettable”. But then, I’m not a professional food critic…

The yam fries were good though. However, I think that because of the huge portion, the fries at the bottom got a bit soggy. Also, our batch was probably the end of the batch since we seemed to get a lot of small pieces and ends. It was satisfactory at most. If they were full long pieces I think I would’ve enjoyed it more.

The Cat's Meow: Pan-seared ahi tuna

For my entree, I ordered the Pan-seared ahi tuna. Honestly, it was not that good either. The teriyaki sauce was overly salty and hence over-powered the taste of the fish itself. The rice pilaf tasted like minute rice.

The Cat's Meow: Blueberry Wild Salmon

The Boyfriend ordered the Blueberry Wild Salmon. The combination sounded weird to me but I forced him to order it (haha). However, as weird as the combination sounded and tasted, it was a ‘pleasant’ weird. The salmon seems just right. I never order salmon in restaurants as I don’t like cooked salmon. But with the sauce this dish was quite palatable. The rice pilaf was the same as mine.

The Cat's Meow

This was the Boyfriend’s dessert. I don’t remember the name but I think it was a duo chocolate mousse. We both enjoyed this very much. However, the mousse wasn’t really ‘mousse’ consistency…more like…melted mousse. Nonetheless, the taste was very good and it was smooth.

The Cat's Meow: Mango Cheesecake

I had the Mango Cheesecake. The consistency of this cheesecake was not like real cheesecake. In fact, it was a bit ‘waxy’. There wasn’t a very big mango taste to it either.

Overall, the meal was ok. Portion-wise it was worth the $25. However, I probably would not go back.

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