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Granville Island Tea Company: Best Masala Chai!

So after the failed Spot Prawn Festival visit, Pretty Sis and I just decided to head to Granville Island for a stroll.  Trying out GoFish was out of the question too as that line up was probably the same length as the one to buy tickets for the prawn boil.

Then Pretty Sis remembered the best Masala Chai in Vancouver, and took me there.

Granville Island Tea Company

And where did we get said best masala chai?  At Granville Island Tea Company.

Making tea at Granville Island Tea Company

It is freshly brewed and so it took a little while.  It was a Saturday after all but then I really thought the girls could’ve given more smiles or actually answered simple questions like “Is this my order right here?” without giving us eye-rolls.  That was honestly not necessary.

Granville Island Tea Company: Masala Chai Tea

So despite the bad service, we still enjoyed the drink.  It had a good mix of spices without actually being spicy.  There are also bits of stuff at the bottom which I assumed to be bits of spices or tea leaves.  That might deter some people from the drink but I think it adds character and definitely a uniqueness to it.  It is definitely different from your usual Starbucks/Blenz blend of chai.

Best drank when it’s piping hot.  When it cools down the taste really doesn’t do it justice.  In fact, I felt like I was drinking some kind of aspartame-sweetened drink.  Hmmm….

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  1. Hey it Masala Chai (not ‘Marsala’ – Masala is spice in Hindi, Marsala is an italian sweet sherry!).

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