Carl’s Jr

Wendy and I are in Obama-land again!  We were in search of July 4th savings at Bellis Fair and the Chelsea Premium Outlet (shameless plugs, I know).  Wendy had planned it that we visit Carl’s Jr that was located beside my beloved Taco Bell.  It was a really hot day (32C) when we got there […]

Barefoot Kitchen

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Pretty Sis read a review of Barefoot Kitchen in the Georgia Straight a while ago and had asked me to go with her. I happily obliged, as it was from the same people of Ichiro Japanese Restaurant, previously blogged about here and here. As forewarned by a coworker, if […]

Swiss Chalet Kitsilano

There are places where you hear about often, but never get around to going there.  For me, Swiss Chalet was one of those destinations.  I saw their commercials since I was very young and loved the shiny, oily videos of rolling chicken and wished to devour such a treat!  And finally, Wendy and I got […]