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Home-cooking: Apple Chips Recipe

A while ago I bought a bag of Spartan apples because they were so cheap…around $2 a bag. Now I know they’re not the best apples for eating (very thick and tough peel) but peeled and made into a Curried Chicken salad they were great.

However, you can only make and eat so much chicken salad right? So I was left with thinking of other options for the remaining apples.

Enter the wonderful world of Google and food blogs everywhere. I was enticed by the possibility of making my own all natural sulfite-free Apple Chips. And that’s what I did.

Apple Chips: apple slices in the oven

Very simple to make, but time consuming, so weigh your options whether you think it’s worth it or not.

Much easier if you have a mandolin and an apple corer to slice up the fruit. I made do with just a mandolin. The core pretty tough to cut through.

Preheat oven to 220°C, lay pieces flat on baking sheet on parchment. Bake each side for 30mins at a time to desired crispness, depending on thickness. Keep in fridge to maintain crispness after. All done.!

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