3 Exciting Easter Announcements!

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Happy belated Easter everyone!  We are just recovering from an eventful long weekend that saw a few exciting developments for Eat ‘n About which we would like to share with our readers.

Field Trip

Eat ‘n About is proud to announce our partnership with Field Trip (click to get it now), an incredibly cool app from the creator of Google Earth.  It’s been called “the future of augmented reality”, and it “may become the basis of your daily reality in five or 10 years“.  Field Trip allows you to interact with your environment by using your GPS coordinates to suggest things of interest nearby, and point the way via a Google Maps interface.  Plus it gives you a ton of inside info about your surroundings.


You’ve got to try Field Trip for yourself to see how fun this app can be for rediscovering your own backyard, and it’s an absolute must for travel.  For a small example of what Field Trip has to offer, think historical buildings, hidden parks, interesting places to shop, or yummy places to eat.  That’s where we come in.  Give the app a try on your iOS, Android device, or Google glass (looks pretty awesome in the video, right?), and let Eat ‘n About be your guide to some of the best eateries in Vancouver…and Beyond!


I’m sure most of you have Flipboard by now but if you don’t, get it now because you’re missing out!  It’s definitely a cross-device “killer app” and comes bundled with many new devices these days.  Even if you don’t have a smart device you can flip along on your desktop.  A super intuitive interface allows you to “flip” through your favourite magazines just like you’re reading a traditional hard copy, and all in one convenient location.

And guess what else?  Eat ‘n About now has a Flipboard magazine with all sorts of intriguing food stories from around the web, alongside articles from yours truly >.<  Check out Eat ‘n About Magazine on Flipboard and get your free subscription!

The Besty

One more scoop of awesomesauce, in the form of a featured article from TheBesty.com  The Besty is a great concept where you can list your favourite restaurants in various categories, and browse other people’s lists.  Famous users span the range from Anthony Bourdain all the way (way) down to Kim Kardashian.  And now Eat ‘n About!  Read our feature here, check out our lists, and give us a Besty follow while you’re at it.  We’d love to see what your favourite restaurants are on The Besty too!

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Don’t forget to subscribe (right sidebar on desktop or down below on mobile) for more exciting developments in the near future.

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