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Coffee Monster

I remember wanting to visit Coffee Monster for a while now but it had fallen off my radar, but feeling like dessert one night, I googled what’s in the area and Coffee Monster popped up.  So AngryRussian and I took a walk there to see what they had to offer at 10:00pm on a Friday night.

Coffee Monster Spanish Latte and Mocha

I had in mind to get some sort of sponge cake to share.  AngryRussian wanted a drink too, so without much arm-twisting I got one too.

The one with the beautiful heart latte art is my Spanish Latte ($4.75 for a 12oz).  What makes it “Spanish” is using condensed milk instead of regular milk.  Honestly though aside from it being a bit sweeter (even though I asked for half-sweet) I didn’t notice any difference…not especially creamy or whatever.  It still tasted good though.

On the right with the debatable design (I said it was a failed heart, AngryRussian, being the good-hearted man he is, gave them the benefit of the doubt and said it was a leaf), was the Mocha ($4.95 for 16oz).  I only had a sip.  It wasn’t especially chocolatey either but still was a decent drink.

Coffee Monster Mango Berry Cheesecake

As for the cake selection, there were mostly cheesecakes and a few sponge cakes (Strawberry Shortcake and Matcha Sponge).

The sponge cakes didn’t really look appealing, so I switched my attention to the cheesecakes instead.  There were slices, and there were crust-less ones in mason jars.  If you were to get takeout for the mason jar ones, you have to pay a $1.50 deposit which you’ll get back when you return.

I picked the Mango Berry Cheesecake ($6).  This was unimpressive and lacked the depth of cheesecake flavor I yearned for.  The cheesecake layer was topped with a weird dense spongey-whipped cream layer.  Overall it had more berry flavor than mango.  And honestly just didn’t take like cheesecake, more like a really dense mousse cake, and I loathe mousse cakes =(.  $6 for this was pretty poor value.

I would say Coffee Monster’s decor was very nice and pleasing, but that’s about it.  Service was also nice and courteous but not especially friendly.

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