EAT! Harvest - Duck Liver Pate
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EAT! Harvest 2017

In past years, the EAT! Vancouver festival had ended with one big hoopla at BC Place with food, beverage and cooking exhibits all at one place, at one time.  I attended one in 2014.  In the last two years, the festival had been split into 4 series of events- EAT! Dinner series, a collaborative dinner event at select restaurants around town; EAT! Expert Classes, taught by local favorites; leading up to EAT! Harvest and EAT! Pastry.  I had to opportunity to attend EAT! Harvest this year!

EAT! Harvest 2017 at Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel

EAT! Harvest was held at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel with 18 esteemed chefs serving up bite-sized creations!  It was a great opportunity to actually meet the chefs behind some of your local restaurants…and a few from afar! All proceeds this year supported Project Chef.

Let’s dive into some highlights of the event!

Wente Vineyards

EAT! Harvest - Wente Vineyards

Wente Vineyards was amongst the six California Wine exhibitors.

Nicole Gomes – Nicole Gourmet

EAT! Harvest - Nicole Gomes

Nicole Gomes of Top Chef fame was onsite offering her famous Thai Prawn Cake from Nicole Gourmet.

EAT! Harvest - Nicole Gourmet Thai Prawn Cake

It was really good, served warm, and the shrimp had that fresh bounce to them.

Trevor Bird – Fable Kitchen

EAT! Harvest - Trevor Bird

EAT! Harvest - Fable Kitchen Charred Beet with Creme Fraiche and Puffed Rice

Trevor Bird also of Top Chef fame was also there with his Charred Beet with Puffed Rice and Creme Fraiche.

Shelome Bouvette – Chicha

EAT! Harvest - Coconut Scallop Ceviche

Chef Shelome Bouvette and her Coconut Scallop Ceviche served with a rice chip on top and taro chip on the bottom.  This was quite coconutty and overshadowed the scallops a bit.

Todd Perrin – Mallard Cottage

EAT! Harvest - Todd Perrin

EAT! Harvest - Cod Cheek Escabeche

Chef Todd Perrin, who hails from all the way from Newfoundland and also of Top Chef fame, served us a Cod Cheek Escabeche.  Everything was yummy except the pickled garlic scape…which was tough and I wasn’t able to chew through it.

Robert Belcham – Campagnolo

EAT! Harvest - Robert Belcham

EAT! Harvest - Prosciutto

Campagnolo cures their own hams, salamis, and prosciutto!  This beautiful leg is from them!

EAT! Harvest - Prosciutto and Green Tomato Chutney

Chef Robert Belcham carves up and serves the prosciutto with a green tomato chutney.

Edmund Lee – Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel

EAT! Harvest - Edmund Lee

EAT! Harvest - Candied Spring Salmon

EAT! Harvest - Candied Spring Salmon

Chef Edmund Lee of the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel (sponsors of EAT! Vancouver) and his Candied Spring Salmon.

Nick Nutting – Wolf in the Fog

EAT! Harvest - Wolf in the Fog

I got so busy talking to chef Nick Nutting of Wolf in the Fog about my recent visit to his restaurant in Tofino, that I forgot to take a picture of the plate itself!  It was really good and fresh!

Mike Robbins – AnnaLena

EAT! Harvest - Duck Liver Pate

My favorite of the night though was the Duck Liver Pate with Apple Gel and Pickled Mustard Seeds on Sourdough from Mike Robbins of AnnaLena!  It was so creamy and flavorful and rich, and displayed so beautifully!

Angus An – Maenam

EAT! Harvest - Mussel and Coconut Soup

Angus An of Maenam is always a favorite.  He was serving mini glasses of Mussel and Coconut Soup.

Lucais Syme – Cinara

EAT! Harvest - Shrimp and Lamb Sausage

Chef Lucais Syme’s Shrimp and Lamb Sausage.  It was meh.

Jeff Kang – Canis

EAT! Harvest - Cured Tuna Tarte

These Cured Tuna Tartes from Jeff Kang were so cute to look at and yummy to boot!


EAT! Harvest - Duck Liver Pate

These Duck Liver Pates from tasteUS looked like mini Christmas wreaths!  The pate was a light airy foam and I downed two.  I think the pate dishes were my favorite.

Andrea Carlson – Burdock & Co

EAT! Harvest - Celeriac with Pumpkin Crumble

Amanda Cohen – Dirt Candy

EAT! Harvest - Shanghai Shoots with Fermented Black Bean Bagna Cuada

I was really confused with chef Amanda Cohen’s “Shanghai Shoots with Fermented Black Bean Bagna Cuada“.  It was just raw bok choy with a bit of what tasted like Chinese black bean sauce on top, with oil.  It wasn’t interesting at all and I felt like no effort was put in at all.

Makoto Ono – Mak N Ming

EAT! Harvest - Chicken Liver Mousse on a Savoury Cake

Wasn’t expecting this from chef Makoto Ono as I’ve heard so much about Mak N Ming.  These were a sweet and savory mini cupcake of deliciousness, and I’m sure the liver pate helped a LOT.  The cake base was like a nutmeggy carrot cake.  I had 3rds of this.

Nadege Nourian – Nadege Patisserie

EAT! Harvest - Chocolate Impulse

I’m not usually a fan of chocolatey desserts but this beaut was so good!  From pastry chef Nadege Mourian of Toronto, the brittle bits on top made everything better!

I really enjoyed EAT! Harvest!  It was a great night of food and drinks.  I think I might try out EAT! Pastry next year!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary entry to this event but all opinions are my own.

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