Mission Ceviche - Seafood Mixto Classic Bowl
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Mission Ceviche – New York

This is Part 6 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here!

Our third day in New York started with getting on the free Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty in passing on the way over to…well…Staten Island.  It was a short ferry ride and you actually get a pretty good view of the lady if you make it to the right side of the ferry for the trip!  We spent an hour on the island and visited Flagship Brewery, then made our way back.  On the way back, make your way to the front and you’ll get a good view of the New York skyline during the whole ride.

As we were heading to Yankee Stadium to watch the game that night, we didn’t have too big of a lunch and headed to the Gansevoort Market to see what we could share.

Gansevoort Market - New York

Gansevoort Market isn’t actually a market at all!  It’s more of a court of food stands.  There’s a lot of food options here.

Mission Ceviche - New York

Mission Ceviche, which offers Peruvian ceviche, was front and center in the market.  I’ve always been a fan of ceviche so I gravitated to them immediately.  I didn’t even finish my walk-around to see what else there was.

Mission Ceviche - Seafood Mixto Classic Bowl

I ordered the Seafood Mixto Classic Bowl ($14.95 USD) which includes all of my favorite ingredients- shrimp, octopus, catch of the day (flounder), fresh lime, corns, aji amarillo pepper cream, avocado mousse, and sweet potato mousse.

Boy was this delicious.  It was loaded with ingredients.  The seafood tasted very fresh and was served on top a bed of lettuce.  The aji amarillo pepper marinade was tangy and bright, and really brightened up all the seafood.  It wasn’t spicy.

The avocado mousse was smooth and creamy.  I found the sweet potato mousse to be a bit too sweet and out of place in this tangy concoction though.

Mission Ceviche - Seafood Mixto giant white corn

It was also awesome to have something I’ve never had before…namely the corns.  There was a mix of cancha which is “crunch corn” and choclo which is giant white corn.  The cancha was a bit hard and too roasted.  I much prefer the choclo.  It had a unique texture…almost mealy but not in a dry way.  It was interesting.

The meal was a nice change and rest from the heavy food we’ve been having lately.  I highly recommend Mission Ceviche and would gladly come back again!

Now I’ll include my Instagram post with pictures from the Staten Island Ferry ride.  Gimme a follow while you’re at it!

This is Part 6 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here!

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